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More or less. Technically, this installation's pulse has a maximum effective radius of twenty-five thousand light years. But, once the others follow suit, this galaxy will be quite devoid of life, or at least any life with sufficient biomass to sustain the Flood. But you already knew that... I mean, how couldn't you?
HWC London Qualifier - Free Gold Packs!
Posted: Posted February 17th by Vandy

The matches can be watched at halo.gg

Every twenty minutes or so they give you a code you can enter at the bottom of the page for free gold packs. Last time I got around ten packs or so. I'll post them here when I see them but they are only active for about ten to fifteen minutes so you have to act fast.

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Free gold pack code: Spartan09

Posted February 17th by Vandy

Well that's it for today. It will be back on tomorrow. There were three codes given out but I didn't get to the first two on time.

Posted February 17th by Vandy

More codes today:


Posted February 18th by Vandy
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