More or less. Technically, this installation's pulse has a maximum effective radius of twenty-five thousand light years. But, once the others follow suit, this galaxy will be quite devoid of life, or at least any life with sufficient biomass to sustain the Flood. But you already knew that... I mean, how couldn't you?
Halo Wars 2 Launch Trailer
Posted: Posted February 6th
Edited February 6th by Vandy

Gameplay footage:

Halo Wars 2 releases 02/21/2017

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Looks really good. I hope you get to use spartans more often than in the first Halo Wars.

Posted February 6th by Q
64 Bits of Pure Power!

I have so many questions!

Posted February 6th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

Atriox seems like he could be a good villain. Hopefully he's handled better than that guy - what was his name? Oh, right, Jul Mdama. Almost forgot because he died in a cutscene during the very first level.

Edited February 6th by Vandy

Jul was actually a sympathetic character in the books. Total waste in Halo 5.

Somewhat minor complaint, but I just don't understand why Anders seems to be a generic white chick now. Extended cryo sleep must really fuck with you.

Posted February 6th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku

New side effect of slipspace travel. May cause racial changes.

Posted February 6th by Moonray

Here's a trailer with some background info / hype on Atriox:

Posted February 6th by Vandy

The ads coming out for HW2 are pretty funny.

Posted February 9th by Vandy

Those ads are hilarious.

I appreciate the small detail of the prophet's picture on his car salesman dartboard.

Posted February 10th by Count Dooku
Count Dooku
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