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The Flowvamp

Mostly just NIFE at this point
A bunch of NIFE/Adventure threads for my own personal reference
Posted: Posted February 1st by Xhin

[Adventure v2 Automation List]
[Checklist for myself for the next set of adventure work]
[A brief look into Adventure v2's Character Properties, Items, and Item Properties]
[How NIFE (the new game engine) works]
[More about Interactions in NIFE]
[Ideas for planned features of NIFE (probably not v1, unless I can pre-program them quickly)]
[NIFE Panel System, NIFE Schedule [Added a flowchart]]
[NIFE Stat Syntax (Planned, currently working on it)]
[NIFE 3 Brainstorming Complete!]
[And a little bit of a roadmap for NIFE]
[The new heart of NIFE]
[Lots of NIFE stuff (@Redack)]
[NIFE status report]

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-clicks a bunch of links and gets: "ERROR: You are not a moderator!"-

I'd forgotten the mod forum is your personal blog!

Edited February 1st by Moonray

@Moonray and @Xhin:

Moonray: 1 Point
Xhin: 0

hahahaha failed

Posted February 1st by Castrael

Why do I lose a point? Mooney was the one inconvenienced here. I've been intentionally inconveniencing him for years; it's good to see it happen accidentally

Edited February 1st by Xhin
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