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I want G/S/C on the 3DS Virtual Console with R/B/Y and Pokemon Bank Functionality!
Posted: Posted January 30th by Blake

That would be awesome! I mean Pokemon GO has yet to announce the gen 2 Pokemon and it's been almost a year since R/B/Y was released on the 3DS Virtual Console. What better time to give us gen 2 Pokemon, than now?

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"not so soon after Sun and Moon" would probably be better for them

Posted January 31st by Pirate_Ninja

Knowing how Nintendo loves to resell and resell its games I wouldn't doubt that G/S/C are coming to 3DS Virtual Console at some point but I agree with PN. It's too soon after the release of a new Gen for them to be doing that yet.

Posted January 31st by Moonray

yeah, I'd be surprised if it doesn't happen at some point, but I think they'd rather space out their releases better. If they plan on releasing a main-series game every year (be it a third version or gen 4 remakes or w/e), something closer to the halfway point between releases would fit.

I mean, I don't know how sales were for the VC re-releases, but from a purely anecdotal standpoint I remember that most of the people I streetpass'd at the time were playing them. So I figure they likely did pretty well.

Posted January 31st by Pirate_Ninja

I hope this becomes a thing. I really missed and enjoyed Pokemon Crystal.

Posted February 7th by Shadow Sonday
Shadow Sonday
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