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Drunjk Forum

1 Day Sober
Current Record: 18 Days Sober

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Moderated by Drunjkards
Posted: Posted January 29th by Cetasaurus

Kinda sad, very drunk.

There are 4 Replies

Why are you sad?What are you drinking?

Posted January 29th by Xhin
Rise from ashes

No reason I guess. How are you?
Vodka mixrd with Malibu Rum haha.

Posted January 29th by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

Also, Xhin, thanks for all your recent work on the site :)

Posted January 29th by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

I miss the days when I was a total lightweight and never got hungover.

Posted January 29th by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8
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