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So, I have a fanfic project I
Posted: Posted January 28th, 2017
Edited January 28th, 2017 by tnu

I have a fanfic project I'v ebeen working on for a while that's some what large as it's an attempt to create a shared continuity between various franchises. IN service of htis I've created several rules and guidelines to follow to avoid certain hackneyed torpes and devices that I've seen done in this sort of work and I"m starting with a baseline of similar ideas such as the Wold Newton family and the Sherlockian Game as well as Alternate Reality Games such as ONgs hat. T he end goal is to create a plausible shared continuity with minimal relience on various crutches I've seen m ost writers lean on. So far the works I've absolutely settled on placing in the continuity are Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, Dino Crisis, and Resident Evil. I've already discussed a lot of it at length with @Moonray and @Trever

To keep the project from just becoming a glorified mash-up of characters, settings, and narratives that don't fit together ther eare certain tropes I"ve eit her ruled out or severly limited as a matter of course. For a few examples

Time Travel, Multiverses, and other things of this nature must adhere to clearly defined mechanics. In this case I am limiting the mechanics so far to what is used in Zero Escape series THis is to prevent them form being a lazy means for me to handwave any contradictions. There MUST be a link between all timelines

Divergent timelines if they must be used require me to be able to provide a reasonable catalyst and chain of causality (or retrocausality) springing form said catalyst. I can not say "this happened differently because Larry ate a pancakes instead of waffles that morning" without being able to explain the causal link between the change in breakfast and change in events. As another example any characters, once dead, must either stay dead or have an explanation provided for why they might survive. All timelines must also converge at some point otherwise said timelnes have no place in the pro ject.

Any and all phlebotinum or other catalyst for supernatural abilities and events must either already be established in one of the component works or be able to have the specifics of its capabilities and limitations defined (See: Brandon Sandersons Three Laws)

The same thing should not be used twice as a catalyst . If a meteorite caused something to happen that is the only meteorite I am allowed to use unless I can come up with a very good justification.

I should not dismiss any of the component pieces in part or in whole as a dream, hallucination, or story within the story unless I can find sufficient evidence to support this.

The mechanics of the settings must be compatible. FOr example If there are two works that involve magic than their magic must be able to operate consistently between each other.

Any and all mysteries must be fair. there mus tbe no questions that don't have an answer simply to provide a "mystery" . THe answer must either be provided or have sufficient evidence for to be able to be extracted from the narrative.

These are just a few of the standards I"m holding myself to on the project what do you all think?

THis is a long term project that is mostly in conceptual stages so I owuldn't expect to see anything ocncrete. I jsut wanted to get some other opinions.

Sir, just suppose... suppose if I had a cat, what would you do with Frankenstein?
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That sounds pretty awesome. Is it working as a good substitute for the expanded universe thing?

Posted January 28th, 2017 by Xhin

eeeh let's jsut not talk about that irhgt now. but good eye noticing some similarities. it's suor tof mena tot be a middle ground since i'm still bo und to the establishe dcontinuities of the works involved I don't have so much contorl as to render it boring for example so it's a compremise between the reletive difficulty and frustration of fi nding an existing substitute and the lack of interest in creating m y own froms cratch.

Posted January 28th, 2017 by tnu
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