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Anyone watching anything this Winter?
Posted: Posted January 22nd by Castrael

I'm watching Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga (loving it!) and Spiritpact (It's okay. I find it somewhat entertaining.)

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will def be watching Blue Exorcist at some point but aside from that I haven't even looked at what's airing because I'm behind as it is lolo

Posted January 22nd by Pirate_Ninja

this season is pretty mellow so I'll pick something up towards the end of it's run probably.

just started watching Working!! becuz i saw peen say good things about it and that's good enough for me desu

Posted January 22nd by Eagle0

as an added bonus, it's a completed series by now

Posted January 22nd by Pirate_Ninja

You're not missing much, Pirate. Might check out Masamune-kun's Revenge because it's reminding me of the movie called A Silent Voice. I guess? Other than that, it sounds somewhat interesting.

I can't wait for Your Name to get a western release. ;_;

Posted January 22nd by Castrael

The only currently airing show I've been able to watch is the second season of Konosuba. The other main ones I have my eyes on are: the second season of Rakugo, Little Witch Academia, and Interviews with Monster Girls.

Posted January 25th by Hugo

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga slight spoiler: Man, episode 4 was in tense. Yikes. I feel really bad for Rin. x.x

Posted January 27th by Castrael
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