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So what WOULD you call solar panels in another star system?
Posted: Posted January 16th
Edited January 16th by Louis De Pointe du Lac

If you're charging "solar panels" with the light from another star, then Sol isn't the one powering them now is it? So why should we call the panels solar? Should we just name them all after their home star, like Kepler Panels or Proxima Centauri Panels? Or should we just avoid the confusion altogether and just start calling them photovoltaic panels from now on?

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The word sol refers to a sun, not necessarily the one that has earth orbiting it.

Posted January 17th by Xhin

I see. Well a star is only a sun if it is the center of a planetary system. So I guess my new question is: what do you call any solar panels used around a star that doesn't have planets?

Posted January 17th by Louis De Pointe du Lac
Louis De Pointe du Lac
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Hmm, that's a good question. Stellar panels maybe?

Posted January 17th by Xhin

Why not just call them what they are?

UV Receptors.

Posted January 17th by Ghowilo

we would probably still call them solar panels because we started out calling them solar panels

Posted January 17th by poptart!
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