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Posted: Posted January 6th by Cetasaurus

Have you started your historical-horror novel thing you mentioned a while back? Curious how that's going. Let me know if I can help.

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Nope. I thought I would have a lot more free time for stuff but I was so wrong. (Joggling books, video games, animes, shows and movies, adding scholarship applications and work into the mix now -_-)

What I am hoping to do requires a little bit of research on my part. (Mostly on Japanese Horror, and the Pacific Theater of World War 2)

So I am hoping to have some time this summer to start on that. (But I should be preparing for my trip by then so who knows) Ill keep you posted though.

Edited January 6th by S.O.H.

Cool. Well, good luck with all the other stuff occupying your time. Thanks for keeping me posted. Looking forward to hearing about it. :)

Posted January 6th by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8

Ill fb you a brief message on what I would like to work on

Posted January 6th by S.O.H.


Posted January 6th by Cetasaurus
formerly KM8
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