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Final Fantasy XV Deleted Content & Why We Are Angry
Posted: Posted January 3rd, 2017
Edited January 3rd, 2017 by Trever Leingod

This video explains some of the rant stuff from my review and also goes more in depth. I know it's a looooooooooooooong video, but if you are interested in FF it is definitely worth the watch.

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actually finishing the game made me curious to watch this and I finally made time for it (you really just need audio for most of it so a lot of it can just be listened to while you do something else coughDQ7tablets). Thanks for posting this - it's at once a very interesting and very frustrating video.

I wasn't waiting for this game for a long time - I remember seeing Versus XIII trailers a long time ago and thinking it looked neat, and I'd watch trailers for XV as they came out. But I didn't obsess over details or track news about the development or anything, just figured I'd check it out when it was ready. But I agreed with a lot of what they were saying in the video, which gives me more background as to why some things felt off to me as I played or why some things seemed different than I remembered (like the Omen trailer, or the (lack of) presence of Stella). A lot of the "cut content" that's claimed to exist seems plausible and does indeed seem like something I'd have wanted in the final product.

...trying not to go into too much detail on my thoughts in advance of the Hey Look It's Laxan's Review FFXV Discussion™

Edited January 20th, 2017 by Pirate_Ninja

It's the best overall explanation of what was changed over the years. Other videos do it in various ways but this covers them all best.

Pretty sure Laxan was abducted or something...

Posted January 24th, 2017 by Trever Leingod
Trever Leingod
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