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Halo CE Legendary Speedrun
Posted: Posted December 27th, 2016
Edited December 27th, 2016 by Vandy

I started this process late last year and I'm now picking up where I left off.

This is for the achievement for completing the entire Halo CE campaign on legendary under three hours cumulative time. Also you can see it as completing all levels at par time, but you have to shave off five minutes along the way. I already have shaved off more than that, so all I need to do is get par times on the remaining levels to get the achievement. I'm not claiming to be a great speed-runner and I'm certainly not going for any records; this is mainly for fun and a new way to experience the campaign.

I'm starting at The Library moving forward. I've got my headset on so I'm able to chat if you ask questions! If paused I'm likely looking at a speedrun guide for help.

Progress so far:

The Pillar of Autumn: 10:33
Halo: 18:45
Truth & Reconciliation: 18:48
The Silent Cartographer: 7:49
Assault on the Control Room: 9:35
343 Guilty Spark: 10:14
The Library: 16:49
Two Betrayals: IN PROGRESS

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