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Final Fantasy X Challenge
Posted: Posted December 22nd, 2016
Edited December 22nd, 2016 by Red Leaf

Rikku-Only Challenge

When Rikku is absent from the party no summons or items are allowed. (This means until you get to the Moonflow it is basically no sphere grid, no items, no summons with the small exception of time you have Rikku before you get to Besaid. The exception to this rule is this. In the Via Purifico you can use items and summons. And in battles where using a summon or item is mandatory, like tutorials, you may obviously do so.)

When Rikku is in the party they are not allowed to do anything but change their weapons/armour or guard. You may revive them with mega phoenixes and phoenix downs to lower the odds that Rikku gets hit but that's it. (This is only really useful in the fight against Anima because Pain is brutal otherwise)

You have to go through the entire game, beat Jecht and beat Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon.

No character but Rikku may use items or sphere grid. Rikku can do whatever she wants on the sphere grid but must play using the standard North American Sphere grid.

This is for those of you that complain FFX is too easy. I did this run. Sin Spawn Gui is a motherfucker, as is the Machina right before you get Rikku. But both are beatable.

This is an optional rule to make it harder: No running from any fiend you haven't beaten with just Rikku.

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