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I've played 4 competitive games with a SR68 Zarya and SR65 Genji..
Posted: Posted August 14th, 2016 by Axem Metal

..we won those 4 games.

Holy, shit. These guys don't play.

Every match we went into, huge mic communication. Everyone talking about saving their ults, asking how far along others are for syncs, calling out flankers, asking others to switch to other characters, etc. I've never had so much trouble against Hanzo and McCree in this mode. I'm used to just being super aggressive and killing a few guys as Lucio. No.. Not in 60's rank; not as Lucio.

Overall, I felt like if I wasn't Lucio, I would have never been able to keep up. I can only play a few characters, mostly support. When those roles are taken, I'm a lackluster Tank or a class that doesn't fit in the current meta.

I was proud of myself a few moments, though. I did keep up to some extent, and timed my ults pretty well except for one embarrassing mess up.

Went from 44 to 48 in just a few games. Feels good :3

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