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In-character posts may contain disturbing or explicit content.

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The Great Forests of Teremboura
Posted: Posted March 6th, 2016 by Khory Pendragon

Ahead of you winds a twisting road passing through a forest of towering trees, seemingly trapped in a thick, timeless layer of ice, though the temperature seems warm and pleasant. Far in the distance is a range of mountains scraping the clear sky, and in the other direction rises the great crystalline spires of a city shrouded in reflected rainbows of light.

As you pass a wayhouse beside the road, a single figure is seen perched upon a fence, dark wings held half-open for balance. Her silver hair cascades over one shoulder in a waist-length braid, her tunic stained a rich brown over a cream undershirt. She lifts her gray eyes from inspecting her booted toes to peek up at the sounds on the road, and offers a quirky grin.

"Long time no see!"

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Posted March 8th, 2016 by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

The approaching character offers a timid smile and waves back at the woman. Walking her direction, he drops his eyes toward his brown sturdy shoes, covered with a warm-colored coat of dust from the road, and nervously slips his hands into the pockets of his dark khaki pants. They are baggy, a few sizes too large, and slump loosely around his ankles. Cinching them around his waist is a simple leather belt, covered by a pine-green tunic. His final article of clothing is a brown jacket, currently unbuttoned, which rests comfortably on his shoulders. As he walks he curls the fingers of his left hand, rumpling the fabric of his pocket, and then lets them loosen again – a nervous fidget.

The messenger bag he carries taps lightly on his hip with every step, and as he nears the woman in front of him, he shifts it backwards a ways before finally looking up again. He looks into her gray eyes with his blue for a hesitant second, then blinks and looks towards the glimmering city on the horizon. After a slight stutter, he replies to her, "It has been a while…" He looks to her and smiles bashfully, wisps of dark hair tossing gently across his forehead in the breeze. "I brought you something." He reaches into the bag and pulls out an oblong object, wrapped up carefully. Beneath the soft, cream-colored folds of the protective cloth is a loaf of bread, slightly squished from the journey, but mostly in good form. It is fresh, baked this morning. The outer crust is crisp and golden. It will break away to the flavorful scent of the inner, nutty flesh – soft as clouds. Still folded securely in the cloth, he holds it out for her to take, once more dropping his eyes to the ground in nervous habit.

Posted March 14th, 2016 by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

Her first feeling of awareness was a warm light breeze caressing her skin and stirring the leaves around her perch. Second, the even warmer smell of something edible and full of carbohydrates, tickling her nostrils and making her salivate heavily. Third, a ray of sunlight rudely poking her in her left eye and making her lids crinkle in protest.
She was somehow still not consciously reacting to the girl and the boy not far from her, as if her body was doing its best not to wake her up completely. She had no idea of where she was, or when she was, or how she was, but that also didn't really register in her head. Eventually, as her senses strengthened she became aware of a pointy object that was stabbing her just under her left shoulder blade, and which was becoming exponentially irritating.
Grimacing with irritation of having to wake, she rolled over slightly, only to be faced with the terrifying, heart-stopping feeling that she was falling.

Adrenaline kicked in instantly, eyes widening, pupils dilating, and cat-like reflexes kicking in. But she was too late. She scratched futilely at the thick branch she had been sleeping on and was already too far gone to support her body weight. She hit several smaller branches which whipped her body but did little to slow her descent. She hit a not-so-flexible, larger branch with her upper back which flipped her body and winded her simultaneously. She landed on her hands and feet thanks to the change in direction (and the whole cat-like reflexes thing) but collapsed to her knees and elbows almost straight away, first gasping for breath and then emitting a pained groan, eyes closed tight as she tried to control the shock and pain from her rude awakening.
Had she realised she wasn't alone she would have been on her feet in an instant, but for now she was content to just breathe, her back to the two others, less than 15 paces away.

Edited March 27th, 2016 by japanese girl
japanese girl

((OOC: Many appologies if I forget about this as I often do...))

Posted March 20th, 2016 by japanese girl
japanese girl

OOC: Will reply this weekend. :)

Posted March 24th, 2016 by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

((OOC: Oh holy shamoley, I am terrible at remembering to check threads ._. ))

She meets his eyes with her own timid grin, lightly taking the crisp loaf from his hand. Khory rips off a piece and nibbles on it with a delicious hum at the soft crunch.

"Thank you! How have things been? I've been away from the world for a spell.."

Her eyes and head turn slightly at the **Whack crunch thud groan** behind her, her wings half-spreading in a flinch.

"Hn, ... Are you alright?"

Posted March 27th, 2016 by Khory Pendragon
Khory Pendragon

The boy avoids eye-contact then looks away entirely as she takes the food. Suddenly, something catches his attention from behind. His companion turns to face it it at the same time as he does. A fallen figure crouched on the ground, back turned to them.

The boy half-ran the short distance between him and the stranger, kneeling next to her. He spoke with a worried tone, "Are you hurt? Do you need anything?"

Posted March 27th, 2016 by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

Her pains suddenly forgotten, JG's head whipped back to look at the source of the feminine voice and hurried footsteps, revealing two golden eyes with black slits as pupils as she made eye-contact with each individual. She pounced up to her feet in a 180 degree turn to face them just as the boy reached her and hopped backwards as she noticed his close proximity to increase the distance between them and give herself more time to assess the situation. She played back what she'd head them say in her head. The two individuals appeared genuinely concerned for her well-being, enough so to quell her instinct to attack as a form of defence.

She stood slightly sideways to them in a defensive stance, eyes darting between the boy and girl. At 5'3, her slim but somewhat curvy body wouldn't appear dangerous at all if it wasn't for the wilderness her feline features attributed to her. The golden tail that twitched behind her would not have been apparent earlier as she'd had it curled between her legs, and the two matching cat ears had seemed to spring out from her unruly golden blonde hair as she'd jumped up.

The awkward silence lengthened until she realised it was probably her turn to say something. She blushed at having been caught unaware and cleared her throat.

"I'm, uh.. I'm fine..." she said with a croaky voice. When was the last time time she'd spoken to anyone, she wondered.

"Thanks?" she added a few seconds later, etiquette remembered a little too late.

"Where...when.........ah nevermind..." she shook her head, half questions asked until she remembered there was no point in asking.

She sighed and figured she might as well introduce herself instead. When had she become this polite, anyways?

"I'm JG, and you are...?" she trailed off, making eye-contact with each in turn to indicate the question was directed at both.

Posted March 28th, 2016 by japanese girl
japanese girl

The winged woman stands on the lower rung of the fence before lightly hopping down, lifting her dark wings to clear the rough wood as she does so. She finishes her bite of bread before giving a jaunty half-bow, her quirk of a grin returning as she introduces herself.

"Well met, JG, I am Khory. These lands used to belong to me, long ago... " Her eyes flick towards the shining city. "Though with my absence I'm sure someone has stepped into my place here. Are you sure that you're alright?"

Posted March 28th, 2016 by Khory Pendragon
Khory Pendragon

The boy flinched away himself at the fallen woman's intense startle reaction. He peered at her eyes curiously, wondering how they'd come to take such a shape, cat-like, which he now realized could be used to describe her movements as well. He stood up and backed away a bit, noticing her ears and tail. He dropped his gaze shortly to the ground, blushing in shame for having been staring.

She was looking at them warily, without responding. The boy glanced at his winged-companion with a nervous expression. But soon, the stranger spoke, putting him more at ease. Her voice was hoarse, and she seemed disoriented. He felt the tug of sympathy, wondering if she was lost.

She introduced herself and asked himself and Khory for their names. The boy stared downward as Khory replied, and looked up only briefly to give a timid introduction. "I'm Ravel," he said quietly, with a slight smile.

Posted March 28th, 2016 by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

JG was starting to relax a little as it became more and more apparent that neither character was likely to attack her without reason. The female's sudden wing-action startled her nonetheless, and she noticed the feathered features properly for the first time. She stared at the Khory with odd fascination, only to realise that Ravel was doing the same to her at the same time. She let out a nervous chuckle at the situation.

"Khory...that's a nice name" she spoke hesitantly, voice gradually getting smoother as she exercised her vocal cords. "I've had worse." she replied with a knowing smile that suggested this was an understatement.

The feline creature followed the winged-one's gaze to the city in the distance and wondered if it was appropriate to ask more about her past as owner of these lands.

"Nice to meet you too, Ra-vel.." she stuttered slightly at his name, not sure if she'd heard or remembered it correctly.

Sensing his shy nature, she sent him a toothy grin highlighting her sharp fangs meant to unsettle him for her own amusement.

"You seem to have little longing to return home...did something happen to make you leave in the past? What brings you here now?" she asked, darting her eyes between the boy and girl and wondering if the answer had been a bit too obvious. Had she interrupted something? Oh well.

Posted March 30th, 2016 by japanese girl
japanese girl

Khory lets out a single bark of laughter with a shrug and a resettling of her smooth, leathery wings, giving her head the tiniest of shakes. Her gaze returns back to the city at JG's words, her stance relaxing as she gazes on the crystalline towers.

"Little, and much. Life happens, and I went just a wee bit mad, and I ran from it all. I've found my peace, and I may get the opportunity to finish what I started here long ago."

She shrugs again and leans back against the fence, tearing off another chunk of delicious bread to nibble on.

Posted March 30th, 2016 by Khory Pendragon
Khory Pendragon

The boy found himself relaxing as JG did, her mood affecting his own. She seemed more intrigued than defensive presently, and Ravel could even hear her voice becoming smoother.

As she replied to him, Ravel began to feel his sense of amity toward her grow. His expression turned into a warm, genuine smile, but it suddenly and comically warped into fear as JG exposed her fangs his way. He flinched a step backwards and closer to Khory, eyes wide and focused.

But JG had already turned her attention back to Khory, and was asking harmless questions. Ravel looked between the two woman as they conversed casually, inching slightly closer to Khroy, still frightened by the cat-like character's presence.

He was quiet, content to let the two talk between themselves without his participation. But a sense of concern was still nagging at the back of his mind. He began to fidget, tugging lightly at the sleeves of his jacket, not sure how to interject a question without interrupting. He thought perhaps Khory's vague reply presented an opening, and opened his mouth to speak. But then Khory returned to the fence, leaning back casually, and Ravel felt horribly exposed. His mouth snapped shut, and he stumbled backwards a bit until he felt the course grain of the fence.

He took a seat next to Khory and looked back to JG, wondering if she had more questions to ask his friend. Or maybe now was a good time for him to speak. He looked down shyly at his feet, then up and JG, then down then up again. "Are you hungry?" he finally asked, voice high-pitched in nervousness. He looked into JG's eyes momentarily before, again, dropping his gaze downward.

Posted April 1st, 2016 by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

JG gave herself a mental victory clap when she saw the boy jump at her toothy grin. Success.

She then gave Khory an appreciative smirk. She enjoyed crazy people's company far more than sane ones'. She wondered if the girl would ever truly go back, or if this was just a fantasy she was toying with to give herself the comforting illusion that it really was an option. That her isolation was her decision and not a necessity.

All the while she was watching Ravel fidget and edge closer to his companion from the corner of her eye. What on earth was he playing at? Had she scared him that much that he was seeking the proximity of his friend for safety? The thought made her very happy.

She watched Khory take another bite of the delicious-smelling bread and her stomach grumbled just as Ravel decided to offer her some. Her eyes darted from side to side as her cheeks reddened in an internal conflict of deciding whether to swallow her pride and accept the donation, or to maintain her mask of having her shit together. Well...that last one was probably ruined the moment she fell off her perch and was caught unawares. Swallow her pride it is, then.

"Um...a little..." she said, suddenly shy herself, and once again making an understatement. She looked at the loaf of bread with big eyes that betrayed her true feelings.

She was usually ravenous when she awoke in a new place after having been 'asleep' or 'gone' for a long time. She tried to remember if her death had brought her here, but she simply couldn't remember what she had been doing before she'd woken up in this forest.

Posted April 2nd, 2016 by japanese girl
japanese girl

(OOC: Gah, I'm terrible, what with RL and all)

Khory munches contentedly on her bread, her eyes losing focus as she stares into the distance, mind wandering as she misses the silent exchange between Ravel and JG. Her thoughts wander off to her past, memories of an old anger, peace, learning, adventures and then a dark schism. Her wings tremble as a shiver runs down her back, her mind refusing to remember those black days.

Her eyes snap back into focus as she shakes her head to herself, straightening from her momentary cringing slouch. Her head turns, long pale braid swinging, as she spots movement far down the road, cresting the pass between peaks.

"Hmm, traders are early this year.. " she murmurs to herself, one hand slipping into a pocket.

Posted April 13th, 2016 by Khory Pendragon
Khory Pendragon

((Sorry, keep thinking I'll reply then keep forgetting. :( I'm pretty busy this week. Would it be good if you just skipped me this turn?))

Posted April 17th, 2016 by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

((Either way's fine by me, I did the same thing, or we can switch this over to Skype?

Posted April 17th, 2016 by Khory Pendragon
Khory Pendragon

((I hate Skype so would rather avoid))

JG was somewhat aware of Khory's state of mind despite the brunt of her attention being on torturing the poor boy. She noticed in particular the shiver the girl experienced and her regaining her posture. There was definitely some darkness in her past.

Her head snapped towards the traders, she was shocked she hadn't even noticed them. Usually her hearing was more sensitive than other creatures. She put it down to her recent awakening and her focus being on the two companions in front of her.

She instinctively lowered into a half-crouch, feline eyes focusing on the approaching group. Her heartbeat quickened a little as she tried to assess whether they would be a danger or not. Though she wasn't defenceless without her weapons, she sure felt a lot more comfortable with them.

"Friend or foe? Are they guarded?" she asked Khory, flexing her fingers. Short claws came out of her fingertips between every other flexing. Part of her wanted to avoid confrontation, but another part would welcome it if it came. Perhaps she'd be able to acquire some new weapons. She wondered where Khory and Ravel's loyalties lied however. Something told her that if she outright attacked the traders they would interfere. But who's side would they fight on if the traders deemed JG a threat without provocation, she wondered?

Posted April 19th, 2016 by japanese girl
japanese girl
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