What's everyone here's weekly availability? Is anyone *not* around on weekends?
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Computer Help & Chat

Get help with computer-related problems, or just chat about hardware, software, emulation, programming, networking, smartphones/tablets or pretty much any other computer topic.
Forum Rules

General Rules

If you deliberately break a rule, you will receive a warning or a one-week ban depending on severity. Evading a ban or continuing to break the rules will result in a month ban. If you continue to break the rules despite multiple bans and warnings, you will be permanently banned.

The above are general guidelines, but the moderator may deal with infractions on a case-by-case basis and use discretion when determining the best course of action.

1. No flaming or personal attacks.

2. Off-topic replies are ok within reason; if a discussion turns into something that belongs in another forum, it will be moved accordingly.

3. No flooding.

4. Do not post other people's contact information (e.g. e-mail addresses, IM screen names) or personal information (e.g. real names, birthdays) without their consent.

5. Keep images/videos appropriate to the site. Content that is pornographic, excessively violent, illegal, or otherwise "NSFW" in nature will not be tolerated.

6. Titles and user names must be appropriate - they may NOT contain profanity, be sexually explicit, or be used for personal attacks.

Special Rules

Anyone breaking one of these rules will get ONE warning. After that, a second offense will result in a month ban, and a third offense will result in a permanent ban.

1. Do not request or provide instructions for hacking, developing malicious software (e.g. computer viruses), or other forms of cyber crime.

2. Do not provide access to pirated material - this includes but is not limited to cracked PC games and software, video game ROMs, ebooks, movies and music downloads. This is ILLEGAL and will not be tolerated.

3. Regarding emulation-

The following are allowed (this section actually has a fairly WIDE STANCE):

  • Links to emulator sites, as long as they don't also include ROMs
  • Links to FREE homebrew ROMs - example: http://blog.supergnes.com/?p=295
  • Links to ROM patches and ROM hacking tools, as long as the sites do not include actual ROM files
  • Discussions on how to LEGALLY obtain BIOS/firmware files from your own consoles

    The following are NOT allowed:

  • Links to ROMs or discussions on how to obtain ROMs
  • Links to online emulators that are used to play ROMs in your web browser
  • Links to BIOS, firmware and other copyrighted material from video game systems
  • Links to copyrighted ROMs that have had hack patches applied to them

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