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Prediction Series Information/Rules

This event is simple. Simply predict the outcome of WWE PPV matches. The more matches you correctly predict in the provided threads, the higher your score. The person with the highest score at the end of each season is reigning predictions champion.

Current Predictions Champion- #AJChamp

In order to participate, you need only place your predictions within this thread, and you will be added. This contest is open to any and all comers. However, to discourage inactivity, anybody who fails to enter predictions for two months in a row will have there scores deleted. If you have a good reason for your in-activeness and want back in, contact me privately. I will decide whether to allow inactive players back in on a case-to-case basis.

PPV Matches are added to the monthly game thread as announced. I may occasionally add matches/stipulations that has been confirmed by outside sources.

*NEW Money in the Bank RULE*
If you think a cash in is going to happen at a ppv, you can state after the particular title match that the superstar is going to cash in and win or lose. Getting this correct will earn you 5 points.
But… (you all will love this) if you predict a cash in will happen after a match and it never does happen, you lose 5 points . This also counts if you say a person cashes in and wins but they actually lose their cash (I know this is rare but you never know, it could happen).

And one more thing guys… Adding up these scores can be a pain when you have to read through a whole paragraph to simply get the who wins part. Now I love seeing everyone’s thoughts on the ppv matches, but could you guys list your match out comes bare bones with who wins or loses, etc… and then give your 2 cents about that match under your prediction. Its just easier for me to get through.

The numbers in parenthesis after each match name is the total amount of points it is worth.

Scoring breakdown:

World Championship matches- 5 points

Theme matches(Money in the Bank, Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber)- 5 points

IC, US, Tag, Divas title matches- 3 points

Specialty matches(Cage, Ladder, Hardcore, ect.)- 3 points.

Regular matches(Singles, Tag, Triple Threat)- 1 point

Keep an eye out for opportunities to earn bonus points.

Season 1: Night of Champions 2012 - WrestleMania29
Season Champion: -FK-

Season 2: Extreme Rules 2013 - SummerSlam 2013
Season Champion: #AJChamp

Season 3: Night of Champions 2013 - WrestleMania 30
Season Champion: ???

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