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Final Fantasy/RPGs

Male...female.....what's the difference? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power!

All RPG discussion welcomed, but beware: strong language draws near! Command?

Moderated by the infuriatingly cheeky prima donna: Pirate_Ninja
Please mind your spoilers!

Please mind your spoilers!

RPGs are often very story-driven games, and who likes having a story spoiled for them? GTx0 has spoiler tags - don't be afraid to use them:

[hide]This text will be hidden until you open the tag[/hide]

On that note, check the title of the topic you're creating or replying to. If the title is something like "The ending of [game]" or "OMG plot twist in [game]" or even "[game] (SPOILERS)" then you can pretty naturally expect spoilers for that game within. But if it's something more general, like "so I'm playing [game] and it's good/bad/hard/racist" then please don't post untagged spoilers within. Nobody wants their experience ruined, so there'll be consequences if it becomes a problem.

Do you accept?

> No

But thou must!

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