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Jedi Sith / Star Wars

Star Wars Chat and Roleplaying Forum - Winner of the 2011 and 2012 GT Awards for "Most Nostalgic Forum"
Vader's your Daddy
A forum community ever since October 2002.
Guarded by the watchful eyes of Trever Leingod and Count Dooku

Basic Forum and RP Rules

Forum Rules

(If you want to see more RP-based rules, see the Mod Handbook)

1. No spamming!

2. Swearing/offensive content is permitted in character as long as it is kept to a minimum and mildly. Out of character swearing, heated posts, or offensive content can be tagged at the discretion of the forum Moderator. Persistence use of offensive content will result in a ban.

3. Do not insult, verbally abuse or generally upset other members whilst out of character or your posts can be tagged. If you persist in continuing heated posts after being warned by the forum moderator to stop, you may receive a 1-hour ban as per site rules for damage control.

4. Try to avoid causing arguments. People constantly causing arguments on purpose will be punished.

5. No cyber sex allowed.

6. Pointless or OOC discussions posted as the 'Roleplay' post type can and will be tagged at the discretion of any moderator, as can any non-constructive OOC within a Roleplay. You may not enter a post labeled "private" without invitation/permission from those in the RP already.

7. Redack will be banned on sight. Probably.

8. Do not derail topics. Passing side comments are okay if they are meant to be casual, but not blowing the original subject out of the thread. Mods will take these two below actions primarily; purposely continuing to derail threads despite warnings will result in more harsh moderator action.

A. Mods/Admins will tag replies when they are contributing to derailment.

B. Admins can edit out derailment part of a reply.

Rules that apply IC and/or OOC.

1. There are no unwritten/quasi-rules: whatever is not in the rules in the forum documents is not a rule. Any debates regarding something that the majority wants as a rule will take affect after it is decided upon in a whole new debate thread. If some debate is brought up within a post, any "new" rule will not take affect then and there - only current rules can be enforced. The forum moderator is the last-resort call for IC issues, but generally handles all OOC issues - such as spamming and flaming.

  • *Certain quasi-rules will be allowed in the Senate RPs, exclusively, due to their complex nature.

    2. The forum moderator(s) and jury must enforce the written rules.

    3. New characters can be made and used almost immediately, but it is preferable that they have a basic profile up. Characters can be fully trained in the Force, as long as they have shown sufficient skill in an RP and approved by the moderator(s).

    4. If you are in the middle of a post and all the sudden you bring up something you do not like about the opposition's weapons, you cannot expect people to suddenly have to change their attributes, etc, just because you do not like it. If the power/weapon/person in question does not appear in the player's profile on the disputed item, you may have a case. But if this person has a reasonable power/weapon/army and you do not look up on it before engaging in battle, you have no case whatsoever. Look into a person's profile before battling them so you know if they have an arsenal of weapons and powers about them.

    5. In the case of a duel with gray areas in a dispute, any benefit of the doubt will be given to the defender. For the attacker to succeed in a strike, there must be no reasonable doubt that the defender failed in their evasion and/or defense.

    6. Lightsaber-resistant material like phrik, songsteel and beskar are usable on the forum as weapons and cannot be "penetrated" at the discretion of any forum user except the owner. [Hrm...] It is recommended that a person should at least partially imbue phrik into their non-lightsaber weapon. Phrik can actually absorb lightning and other types of electricity. Thus it will fulfill all of the lightsaber's defensive uses.

    7. No lightsaber resistant materials cannot be used as whole-body armor, but they can be applied in footwear and gauntlets.

    8. You may not use two or more characters of the same Force alignment or same side in a duel, useless you receive permission from the others involved in the duel.

    9. All forms of godmodding are forbidden on this forum. While making a call in an RP, the moderator and/or jury will ignore any attempt to apply godmodding to any RP. Please see the Mod Handbook document for more on godmodding.

    10. Mass NPC controlling - generally considered anything bigger than a small crowd - is expressively forbidden. Even then you cannot use NPCs in groups to attack non-NPCs. The only exception to these conditions is if the NPCs are part of a faction you own or are allowed to control.

    11. The targets of assassination by bombing will be given leeway to evade the attempt. Any decent attempt, such as using a protective Force power or running outside the blast radius, will be deemed successful.

    12. Players may not attack other players on their first post in an RP. They may make an attack in the second post if they wish.

    13. A character may participate in more than one RP at once if they are considered to be happening at different times.

    14. In a duel, for your actions to be successful, you must ensure any of your opponent's attacks have been successfully negated.
    --Example: If they stab at your chest, and next plan to behead you, you must block the stab and block the beheading swipe; or do something like a Force Push at them before both attacks so that your opponent must defend against the Push and thus negate their attacks. However, your opponent already had a defense ready prior to your Force Push, such as stating they would use Force Absorb to defend themselves if attacked with the Force, then their attack will not be negated and you must still apply a proper defense.

    15. Characters who have never participated in an RP on Jedi Sith are not be allowed to participate in a fight in their first RP. This also means they cannot be attacked. This rule can be disregarded only if all people involved agree to engage in a fight/duel.

    16. If a post goes on for a long time due to waiting a long time for others to reply, and it is impeding the players' progress, all people may choose to opt-out of the RP or it may be done at the forum moderator's discretion. If this occurs, especially in the instance of a duel or battle, all players may leave without injury (assuming no injury has occurred already) or loss of life.

    Roleplay Rules

    1. All elements of the roleplay SHOULD be kept in the Star Wars universe. This includes characters, species, weapons, and planets.

    1a. Custom, self-created species/planets/etc must be created in depth. The creation of custom planets must be done in a realistic manner.
    1b. Customized, non-canon technology is not allowed. Customized models or weapons may be made of any existing canon technologies, however.

    2. All roleplays relating to the Jedi Sith forum must be done on the forum or a backup forum when GTX0 is otherwise unavailable.

    3. All apprentices/padawans are under protection from death for the first 3 days of training. If an apprentice/padawan chooses to engage in battle before their 3 days of training are up, this rule is void.

    4. While an apprentice/padawan is training inside a temple, neither master nor apprentice may be attacked.

    5. If you reply twice IC (2 posts are permitted in case two people post at the same time) to a reply/post, you have accepted it EXACTLY as it is written. If any RP reply/post is edited using the edit feature after your opponent replies, you must provide definite proof of what exactly you changed, there will be NO exceptions.
    5a. In battle, if an attack is ignored or insufficiently defended against (i.e., blocks their left side when the attack was made on the right), the attack is effective. A person ignores an attack by responding to other actions in that post, but neglecting that attack.
    5b. In order to attack any personal property (stores, homes, etc.), the owner must be present. If an employee or assistant droid is present on the property (and creates a post stating such), then this character acts as "owner". If an owner ignores any attack against their property and continues to RP in other posts (as ANY character), without acknowledging the attack, then the attack will be successful. Exceptions can be made if the owner was in the process of typing up a separate RP at the time of the attack.

    6. In order to train another character you must have a profile up on one of the designated websites, or on the forum.
    6a. When in a battle or fight you must state in the RP: any weapons, special equipment, armor or anything that will be used within the battle/fight, or at least have them in your profile under the equipment section. Exception to this rule can be granted if both parties agree.

    7. If your character dies, the character may come back in a "resurrection" in 28 days. Retraining is not necessary and the same rank is retained. "Resurrection" times can be negotiated by the involved players.

    8. An NPC cannot attack a PC unless the PC controlling the NPC is attacked, or the NPC itself is attacked. 'Bodyguard' NPCs must be kept to a reasonable number - at most 3.

    9. Armies may only attack other armies UNLESS a PC chooses the engage on the front lines of an battle with 'his/her' troops. In the case of large monsters or robots or something of gargantuan size attacks your base, however, you may use your army to defend yourself.

    10. Planets/Moons/Solar Systems cannot be destroyed unless expressively allowed by the moderator or agreed on by forum consensus.

    11. NPCs cannot use the Force. Robotic/mechanical constructs cannot use the Force. Characters may only use the force if the majority of their body is organic.

    12. If you want a post to be private, add something like "Closed" or "Private" in the post title. While this privacy request in is a post title, all uninvited guests are subject to having their posts voided by the original poster.

    Moderator Principles

    1. The moderator can make the final call on any rulings within the forum when asked to, or when the forum members cannot reach a general consensus.

    2. The moderator may guide in the development of the RP and expansion of rules necessary for the forum to function in an organized fashion.

    3. The moderator will be allowed to RP, but will choose to opt out of “fatal” duels to avoid conflict and to ensure sure fair rulings.

    4. The moderator will be available for discussion of RP events, rulings, and for anything of concern in general. If the moderator fails to respond in a timely fashion, contact site staff for assistance.

    All rules are subject to change at any time, major changes will be announced on the forum prior to taking effect.

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