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Banning System

This document acts merely as a guideline. Everything outlined here is in no way mandatory as it is a moderator's right to act according to their own ethics.

First Offences

  • A warning will often suffice in these cases, however it is not mandatory conduct;
  • If you have broken a forum rule, this may resort in a short ban for one hour; even without a warning.

    Repeated Offences

  • If a user repeatedly breaks the rules, then the moderator may extend the duration of ban to what they feel is necessary.
  • This can include: one day; two days; a week; a month or permenant.
  • It is important for a moderator to consider the context of the repeated offences. If the offence is of low priority, then perhaps an elongated ban would not be efficient.

    Major Offences

  • Major offences are breaches of the rules that are of high priority. This includes: Impersonation; Flooding and Flaming.
  • When those rules are breached it is possible that a user will be given a harsher ban. This is in order to curb bad behaviour and deter frequent offenders.

    Ban Evasion

  • Evading a ban will not be tolerated and will lead to a harsher ban in all cases.

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