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Player Scores Info

Player scores are interesting to keep track of! They show who the "best" players are, and who is eligible to register and host games. If you have a player score of 20 or more, you are eligible to host a game. If your player score is below 0, you may not register to play a game. On the first of every month, those with a negative player score will have their scores reset to 0.

How to gain points:

You can gain 2 point for being on the winning team of the game.

You can gain 1 point by being alive at the end of the game.

You can earn 1-3 points by being considerably essential to your team's success. For instance, if one Mafioso continuously comes up with ideas and no one else does, whether the Mafia wins or loses, that person would obtain at least 1 point.

You can earn 1 point for being a good host. If you are considered an "average" host, you will not gain points from hosting.

There may also be hidden/secret ways to earn points. Keep a look out for them!

How to lose points:

You will lose 1 point for breaking a Mafia/Game Rule.

You will lose 2 points for a second infraction of Mafia/Game Rules in a single game.

You will lose 3 points for breaking a forum rule.

Breaking rules additional times can result in greater losses than those mentioned here.

If you appeal a host's decision in an unjustified manner, you will lose 1 point.

If you register for a game, but do not participate, you will lose 1 point.

If you are hosting and lose hosting priviledges on the basis of not updating the game in a timely manner, you will lose 3 points.

If you are you are hosting and lose hosting priviledges for any other reason, you will lose 5 points.

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