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Mafia Roles

This is a list of all of the roles that have been used in normal games of Mafia at GTX0. There are x in all, along with a number of minor variations. If you have any questions or inquiries on the roles (such as wanting one added or amending an existing one), please feel free to contact one of the Executive Hosts.


Vanilla Roles - Town-sided roles with passive powers, powers that don't give an edge in the game, or no powers at all.

Townie - Just a regular old Townsfolk. Often referred to as "vanilla" or "vanilla Townie". No special powers.

Outsider - No special powers. Shows up as Guilty to Cops/other detection roles. The Outsider knows that they are the Outsider.

Suspect - No special powers. Shows up as Guilty to Cops/other detection roles. Is unaware that they are the Suspect - shows up as Townie to self.

Bad Break Billy - No special powers. Unintentionally visits the Mafia kill target every night. Bad Break Billy may or may not be aware that they are that role.

Sleepwalker - No special powers. Unknowingly visits someone at random during the night. Typically is unaware that they are a Sleepwalker (in other words, they show up as a Townie to themselves).

Gambler - Each night, can guess the player who is going to die. Each correct guess nets +1 player point.

Double Voter - Vote counts as two during day rounds.

Good Twin - Paired with Evil Twin, but unaware of their identity. If one Twin dies, the other dies as well at the beginning of the next round. Can select any number of people to protect from lynching during the next day round, but can only select each player once.

Apprentice - No special powers at first. Replaces the role of the first Town-sided power role to die in the Game.

Paranoid Gun Owner(PGO) - Kills anyone who visits them during the night. If a group targets them, only the first to vote for them will be killed. If a killing role targets them, both the killing role and the PGO will die.

Investigative Roles - These roles gather various types of information concerning the roles, actions of players, etc.

Oracle - Selects one person each night. When the Oracle dies via night kill, the role of the person selected will be revealed to the entire Town.

Spy - Chooses one Mafia role each night. Gets to see the most recent post made by that role in the Mafia thread.

Tracker - Chooses one person to follow each night and learns who that person visits.

Watcher - Chooses one person's house to stake out each night and learns who visited that person.

Insomniac - Has the same ability as the Watcher, but will only get results for the players above and below them on the Player List, as well as themselves. The Insomniac does NOT count as visiting any players.

Dreamer - Has a dream each night of three people killing one person. One of those three is Mafia.

Cop - Chooses one person to investigate each night. Receives a Guilty or Innocent verdict on that person. Variations: Insane, Naive, Paranoid, Skeptical

Public Investigator - Like the Cop, chooses one person to investigate each night. Receives a Guilty or Innocent verdict on that person, and the verdict without the target's name attached is revealed at the beginning of the next Day round.

UFO Hunter - Like the Cop, chooses one person to investigate each night. Receives an "Alien" or "Human" verdict each night on the selected target.

Sensor - After each lynching, receives a report detailing how many Guilty players voted in favor of the lynch.

Protective Roles - These roles have the power to prevent someone from dying during the night.

Lazarus - Selects one player each night. If that player attempts to kill Lazarus, Lazarus resurrects immediately. Typically can only withstand one attempted kill.

Martyr - Protects one player each night. If that player is targeted, the Martyr will die in their place. Does not gain a Survival point, but gains it instead if they die for another player. The Martyr always Selfless.

Backer Saves the Cop (or any other investigative role) from 1 kill, and knows the identity of the investigative role. They are informed of their identity via PM from the Host.

Commuter - Can leave town for the night, becoming immune to ALL night actions performed against them. Is unable to leave two nights in a row.

Virgin - If lynched during the day, all night kills the following night are blocked.

Nurse - As Doctor, but role-blocks target in addition to protecting them. The Nurse is always Selfless.

Doctor - Selects one person each night. If that person was targeted to be killed, they instead survive. Variations: Distracted, Selfless

Paramedic - As Doctor, but selects two people each night. Is always Selfless. CURRENTLY SUSPENDED PENDING REVISION

Killing Roles - Town-sided roles with the power to kill anyone they'd like. Can be either beneficial and harmful to the Town.

Sniper - Can choose to kill anyone at night, but also has a 50% chance of additionally killing another player (besides themselves) at random. Variations: Impulsive

Arsonist - Can choose to kill someone at night, but has only a 50% chance of succeeding. Typically cannot try to burn the same person twice.

Sheriff - Has a one-shot ability to kill any player at any time during the day. Once this ability is used, the Sheriff's identity will be revealed to the entire Town.

Guard - Like the Sheriff, has a gun that they may use to kill any player during the day round. Each time this is used, there is a 50% chance that their identity will be revealed to the town.

Gunsmith - Can give a gun to a player of their choosing every night. The gun may be then used to kill someone during the following day round. The gun typically expires at the end of the day round. The Gunsmith is always Selfless.

Orange Agent - Can choose to kill one target each night. If the target performs a night action, they survive and can no longer be targeted by the Orange Agent. Anyone else who visits the target will die, and there's a 25% chance the Orange Agent will die as well. Players will be charred beyond recognition and therefore will not be linked to their roles.

Vigilante - Can target one person to kill each night. Variations: Impulsive

Collaboration Roles - These roles derive their power from knowing the innocence of one or more of their fellow players and being able to coordinate with them. Can be very powerful during a role-claim. Typically shown to be visiting each other during the night.

Lovers - Two players who are deeply infatuated with one another and are aware of the other's innocence. They share a thread, and if one of them dies, the other dies as well. Variation: Bulletproof

Special Club - Similar to the Lovers, but the thread can contain more than two players. In addition, they typically don't die when another member dies.

Mason - Similar to the Special Club, but the Mason(s) can recruit one member each night. Recruiting Mafia results in the first Mason's death, and recruiting Cult results in the Cultist's death. CURRENTLY SUSPENDED PENDING REVISION

Miscellaneous Town Roles

Psychiatrist - Targets one person each night. If the targeted person is insane, their insanity will be cured.

Lawyer - Can select one person to defend each night, preventing their target from being lynched during the next day round. Variation: Selfless

Governor - Can choose to stop all killings during the night, as well as send the Town public messages via the game Host

Fisherman - Can attempt to fish for a specific item in the Lake each night. The items can be used at any time, but they are one-use and cannot be caught again. Basic list (which can be modified) is found here:

Poltergeist - Can swap two players, switching the effects of any night actions taken on the two players. Immune to role-blocking.

Master of Disguises - Selects up to 3 people per night round, and a role for each. The people will be reported as having the chosen role until the end of the following night round.

Town Drunk - Role-blocks their target during the night; can prevent Night kills if the first person to vote in the Mafia is selected. Cannot select the same person twice in a row, and is silenced after any night in which they don't select a target. Typically is Impulsive.

Drug Dealer - Can choose one person each night to give either a Stimulant or Depressant. Stimulant allows that player to perform their night action right after the Drug Dealer. Depressant forces that player to perform their night action last.


Vanilla Roles - Mafia-sided roles with no powers or passive powers, aside from participating in the Mafia kill.

Godfather - Shows up as Innocent to Cops/other alignment detectors. Holds tie-breaking power in the case of a Mafia voting tie.

Ninja - Immune to detection by the Watcher or Tracker.

Mafioso - No special powers other than participating in the factional kill. May be referred to as a "vanilla Mafia".

Evil Twin - Same as Good Twin, but Mafia-aligned and with a factional kill

Thug - If a Mafia member would die at night, the Thug dies in their place. Can also choose to sacrifice themselves for a Mafia member during the day. Gains +1 point for dying in place of another Mafia member.

Killing Roles - These roles have the power to kill on their own, aside from the Mafia kill.

Executioner - Can choose to kill any player who reaches 1/3 of the votes during the day round. The player(s) will die at the end of the day round, and at least one vote must come from a non-Mafia member.

Assassin - Can choose one person each night and guess their role. If this guess is correct, that person will be assassinated during the night round. If this guess is incorrect, the assassination attempt fails, revealing who the Assassin is in the following Day thread.

Interceptor - Can choose someone to target during the night, and if someone else also visits the target that night, the visitor will be killed. If ANOTHER visitor also visits the target that night, one of them will die (decided on by a roll), but the Interceptor will also be revealed to the town the following Day.

Public Killer - Once--at any point in the game, day or night--can immediately kill a player regardless of any protective roles. Once the kill is made, the killer's identity is revealed to the town.

Ascender - Used alongside the Arsonist role. Can choose to target one player at night. If that player is in a burnt room, that player and anyone visiting that player (aside from the Ascender themselves) will die. Can only use their power once per game.

Voodoo Lady - Every night round, the Voodoo Lady selects one person to hex. If that person is hexed, then that person will die if he or she says a certain word. The Voodoo Lady also chooses this word. The word must be at least 5 letters long and cannot be a player's name. Additionally, even if separated by spaces and punctuation (such as if the word is "Yeano" and the hexed person says "Yea! No!") the person will still die. The death takes place at the end of the day round will still go through even if the Governor stops day killings. CURRENTLY SUSPENDED PENDING REVISION

Right-Hand Man - Acts as a combination Godfather and Mafia Investigator until any Mafia member dies, then becomes an Assassin. CURRENTLY SUSPENDED PENDING REVISION

Non-Killing Mafia Power Roles - These roles have important powers aside from killing, such as investigative and role-blocking properties.

Hooker - Role-blocks their target during the night. Cannot select the same person twice in a row, and is silenced after any night in which they don't select a target

Silencer - Can select one person to silence for the next day round.

Mafia Investigator - Selects one person each night and learns that player's role.

Guy Proficient in Shadowing - Like the Tracker, chooses one person to follow each night and learns who that person visits.

Janitor - Selects one person during the night. If that person is Night killed, their role will be revealed to the Mafia and hidden from the rest of the town. Using a full-fledged Janitor is BANNED, but a limited-use Janitor may still be used. The maximum number of uses is up to the Host's discretion, but 3 hides is the recommended maximum. Variation: Lazy

Prophet – Can check someone every night, and receives a hint to that person's role. The hint will be posted in the Mafia thread.

Ballot Forger - During the night round, switches one person's vote during the next day round to a target of their choosing.

Solitary Mafia Roles - These roles count towards the Mafia's numbers, but typically have their own thread and are unaware of any of the other Mafia members.

Traitor - A stand-alone aligned with the Mafia. Unaware of the Mafia's identity, and vice-versa. No special powers.

Newcomer - No special powers, but if they correctly guess a Mafia member at night, they become a Mafioso and join the Mafia thread. Shows up as "Newcomer" when killed, regardless of if they became a Mafioso or not.

Marksman - A stand-alone Mafia member who holds a gun that contains a single shot. May shoot someone during the Day round. Identity is not revealed upon the shot.


Survivor - Wins the game jointly with whatever faction if they survive the game. Variation: One-shot Bulletproof Vest

Defense Attorney - Wins (potentially jointly) the game if one person (chosen at random) is alive at the end. If their target is Night-killed, becomes a Survivor

Prosecutor - Wins (potentially jointly) the game if one person (chosen at random) is lynched by the Town. If their target is Night-killed, becomes a Survivor

Replacement - Has no powers until typically the third Night Round where they will select a target to Replace. That target will be killed, and the Replacement will take their role and thread if they are a power role. If a Mafia member is replaced, then the Replacement will become a part of the Mafia.

Fool - Wins the game if they are lynched by the Town. Gains one point if Night-killed, but the game continues. Does not gain points for surviving the game

Lunatic - Must visit one person each night. 50% chance to kill that person, and 50% chance to protect that person by killing anyone who enters the room. Unaware of the Mafia's identity, and vice-versa, but wins upon surviving the game (which they must do either jointly with the Mafia or by themselves, as the Town has to eliminate them to win)

Journalist - Selects one target each night and learns about all the comings and goings at that player's house. Can write an article to the Town each day, which the Host will post. Gains +1 points for each lynching they influence

FBI Agent - Can select one player to arrest each night. That player cannot be protected, as they are not dying (though they can skip town or have the kill be ported away), and they will earn survival points at the end of the game. Gains +1 points for each successful arrest of a Mafia member, but if the Journalist is present, the FBI Agent's identity will be revealed to them upon an unsuccessful lynch

Ghoul - Each night, they can choose either to steal a dead player's role for the rest of the game, or to select a player and guess their role, becoming a second one of that role for the rest of the game. Wins with whatever team they select, but cannot win if they don't select a team. CURRENTLY SUSPENDED PENDING REVISION

While the third-party roles either win jointly with a main faction or have their own conditions to earn points, these roles count as main factions in their own right and cannot joint-win with the Mafia or the Town (though they can still joint-win with certain third-party roles). The Fool could also be considered one of these, since it can win the game by itself, but they don' count in the ratio against other major factions. The game can also include a second Mafia faction (the "Mob"). Bear in mind that games with more than two factions may be difficult to balance properly.

Serial Killer - Selects one person each night to kill. Immune to night detection, and wins the game as the last player standing. Variation: Bulletproof

Admirer - Sided with the Serial Killer. Are told the identity of the Serial Killer from the beginning of the game, and upon the Serial Killer's death will become the next Serial Killer. If there is more than one Admirer, they will be numbered - once Admirer 1 becomes the Serial Killer, then Admirer 2 will be told that Admirer 1 is the new Serial Killer, so on and so forth.

Aliens - Probe 1 human each night. Earn 1 point for every 3 humans probed. Win if at least one Alien is still alive when the Mafia are eliminated.

Cult - Select one person each night to recruit. Can recruit Mafia, but recruited roles lose previous powers. Recruiting a Mason results in the death of all recruiting Cultists. Win once they outnumber the combined numbers of all other major factions. CURRENTLY SUSPENDED PENDING REVISION

These are not roles, but simply role variations. The most common variation combinations have been listed with the roles above, but these can be added to any role - they just work much better with some roles than others. These can be used to increase or decrease the power of certain roles for balance reasons, but be careful that they don't make one role/faction too powerful/weak. Hidden variations can make things more unpredictable, but they can also piss people off if used too often.

Bulletproof Vest - The player will withstand 1 attempted kill; typically does not include an Executioner kill or a lynching. Suggested roles: Serial Killer, Survivor, Lovers (one vest split between them), Cop, Godfather, Traitor

Compulsive - The player MUST perform their night action each night. If they do not, it's up to the Host to decide what happens. Usually, the player will be silenced, or their target will be chosen at random. The Town Drunk, Sleepwalker and Lunatic have this on by default. Suggested roles: Poltergeist, Vigilante, Serial Killer

Distracted - The player cannot use their power on the same person two nights in a row. Roles like the Silencer, Hooker, and Town Drunk have this on by default, and other roles like the Cop would find this completely ineffectual. Suggested roles: Doctor, Watcher, Tracker, Janitor

Insane - Results vary, but usually this is along the lines of forcing the role to do the opposite of what they would normally do. For example, an Insane Cop gets opposite results, an Insane Doctor might have a 50% chance of killing their target rather than protecting them, an Insane Dreamer might dream of all innocents rather than two innocents and a guilty. Usually a hidden variation. Can be cured by the Psychiatrist. Suggested roles: Doctor, Cop, Mafia Investigator

Lazy - The player can only use their powers a certain amount of times, predetermined by the Host. Suggested roles: Cop, Doctor, Vigilante, Janitor, Assassin

Naive - The player returns only non-incriminating results. Only used with investigative roles of some type. Hidden variation. Suggested roles: Cop, Sensor, Mafia Investigator

Paranoid - The player returns only incriminating results. The opposite of Naive. Hidden variation. Despite the name, the Paranoid Gun Owner is not this. Suggested roles: Cop, Sensor, Mafia Investigator

Selfless - The player cannot target themselves during the night. Roles such as the Martyr and Nurse have this on by default. Suggested roles: Doctor, Lawyer

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