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Mafia Rules

For understanding the basic premise of the game, see [What is Mafia?]

For details of common Mafia roles, see [Mafia Roles]

Important: In order to play Mafia, you must have a GTX0 account. If you do not have one, it is very easy to create one! Right above the quicklinks on the right hand side, you will see a place that says Login: User. Click on User. Simply enter your name and password, and you will have an account!

After you have made sure you have an account (you must be logged in to play properly), you can sign up in the Sign Up Thread. Once the host feels enough people have signed up, the host will start the game. Under the title of the forum, you should see "Your Role is" and then your role will be listed. This will be your specific role. If you are confused about roles, consult the Mafia Roles document in this forum.

Mafia Game Rules

The Rounds

The host has the discretion to start the game on Day 1, Night 0, or Night 1. These will be explained shortly.Day Round - During the day round, any player is able to speak (unless otherwise specified). It is during the Day that the town can discuss the game and vote on someone to lynch. The goal of the town is to lynch a member of the Mafia, and the goal of the Mafia is to try to trick the town into lynching a townie. Once enough votes are cast, the host will end the day round. If there is a tie in votes cast, no one will be killed.

Night Round - During the night round, players with night abilities will post in the thread pertaining to them (Mafia, Sheriff, Doctor Thread, etc.). The Mafia will vote on someone to kill. If there is a tie in votes cast, then the host will randomly select which person will be killed from the tied candidates.

Day 1 - Day 1 pertains to the first day round.

Night 1 - Night 1 pertains to the first night round. Everyone who has a night power can use it.

Night 0 - Night 0 is a night round, but killing roles are not allowed to kill on Night 0.

Important Rules to Remember While Playing

- Signing up for a game means that you commit to playing it as long as you're still alive. Penalties can be given for inactivity or any other form of not continuing the game after signing up.

- You may not under any circumstance (unless specified by the Host) copy and paste any of the information contained in a role specific thread (Mafia Thread, Doctor Thread, Sheriff Thread, etc.) or make up content from one of those threads and portray it as having been copied and pasted. This also applies to screenshots of the thread. If this is done, the Host will take action accordingly (which can result in an in-game sanction, host-kill, or, if particularly egregious, a ban from the forum). This also applies for your role.

- If you are Silenced, you may not post in the Mafia forum or post anywhere else if your post relates to the game. If you post game sensitive information while Silenced, you will be penalized player point(s).

- Dead people may only talk about the game in the Dead Thread (unless otherwise specified by the Host).

- Using the Activities tab (or any other method of determining someone's activity around the site aside from simple recent posts they've made) is strictly prohibited. If you are discovered to be using this method for an advantage in the game, you will be penalized.

Game-Specific Rules

Below is a list of game specific rules. These options can be turned on or off for the game as decided by the Game Host.

Night Talk - Night Talk is the ability for users to discuss the game in the main thread during a night round. By default, Night Talk is off (unless otherwise stated by the Host).

Dead Talk - Dead Talk is the ability for users who are dead to discuss the game in the main thread. By default, Dead Talk is off (unless otherwise stated by the Host).

Hammer Voting - Hammer Voting is a special rule for voting. When hammer voting is on, once a person receives a majority (over 50 percent) of the votes, the voting for the day round will be "hammered" and end immediately. If more votes are cast or if votes are changed, it will not matter after the vote is hammered. Once the hammer is dropped, the decision is finalized. By default, hammer voting is off (unless otherwise stated by the Host).

No Kill Voting - No Kill voting is when someone casts an official vote of "No Kill." If "No Kill" has the most votes or is tied for the most votes during a day round, no one will be killed. By default, no kill voting is on (unless otherwise stated by the Host).

Vote Lockingp - Vote locking is when a person is not allowed to change their vote once it is cast for that round. By default, vote locking is off (unless otherwise stated by the Host).

Hosting Rules

- If you wish to Host, make sure you host the game fairly, accurately, and in a timely manner.

- Make sure that you keep game rules consistent. They must be stated at the beginning of the game, and they cannot be changed (unless there is some planned out way to do this - i.e., stating that rules will change on Day 5, for instance, or having a role which can affect the game rules).

- All hosts have a lot of freedom when it comes to the roles they want to introduce into a game, but if their ideas involve a significant shift in the game mechanics, it must be brought to the Mafia forum before implementation.

- You may bring an in-game sanction against anyone in the game who breaks a Mafia Rule or Game Rule. An in-game sanction can be anything of your choice (such as Silencing the character for one day round or imposing a temporary restriction on the player's powers for one night round, for instance). If the sanction is considered unfair, however, players may appeal your hosting privileges.

- You also may host-kill anyone who breaks a Mafia Rule or Game Rule. A host-kill is when the host immediately kills a player for misbehavior. If the host feels that a host-kill would result in giving one team an unfair advantage, then the host is able to give a handicap to one team for a short period of time.

- The Host of the game does not have the authority to issue a ban. Only the Executive Host (moderator of the forum) is permitted to issue a ban on this basis. The Game Host may request a ban, but the Executive Host has the final say.

- If the players of a game feel the Game Host is inadequate, they can appeal to the Executive Host. The way to do this is to post using the "Appeal" post type. The link is here: http://www.gtx0.com/newpost.php?forum=yeanogame&topic=Appeal&sid=lh6phiil
If the Executive Host feels these claims are justified, the Executive Host may eject the Game Host from his or her hosting duties and will lose player points. The Executive Host will then finish hosting the game.

- If the appeals are deemed unjustified by the Executive Host, the players who issued the appeals will lose points on their player scores.

Forum Rules

- If you don't stay on topic in game-related threads, you will be warned. If you continue to stay off topic post-warning, you will be penalized.

- Only register with one account. If it is discovered that you signed up to play with more than one account, you are banned. Period.

- If you are not playing, do not interfere with the game (this includes posting in the thread). You may feel free to watch, of course - during sign-ups, you may request to be put in the "Dead Thread" to spectate.

- Only the Host (or someone with the Host's permission) is allowed to lock/unlock threads, edit thread titles, change post types, sticky/unsticky threads, and tag/delete threads/replies. Only the Host (or someone with the Host's permission) is allowed to Split and Merge threads.

- Only the Host (or someone with the Host's permission) may access the Mafia Panel.

- In general, permission will not be given after the fact. In extreme or emergency situations, permission can be given after the fact.

Note: In this document, the Executive Host counts as a Host.

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