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What is Mafia?

For Mafia Rules, see [Mafia Rules]

For Mafia Roles, see [Mafia Roles]

Mafia is a game where an informed minority ("the Mafia") is pitted against an uninformed majority ("the Town").

Basically speaking, the Mafia has come to town, and they want to kill everyone. The citizens of the town (the Townies) want to eliminate the Mafia. Each member of the Mafia typically know of the other Mafia members, making the Mafia an informed minority. The much larger group of people, the Town, typically does not know who anyone is.

Each night, the Mafia has the opportunity to kill a target. Each day, the Town (with the Mafia blending in) can vote to lynch someone.

The game is over when either...

1) The Mafia equals or outnumbers the Town, or
2) The Town kills off all of the members of the Mafia

This game is often played face to face, but there is a great deal of possible customization online, particularly referring to Rules and Roles. See the Mafia Rules and Mafia Roles links for more information.

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