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Mod and Member Information

Trever Leingod

Feel free to send me an email, but preferably an IM, anytime.

YIM: maxxterrorofzanarkand
MSN: treverleingod@hotmail.com
Skype: noctisluciscaelume

Leon Stealth

AIM: apslain
MSN: antonio_p@live.com.au


AIM: teddy0415
YIM: theodore0415@yahoo.com
Birthday: April 15th 1988

Lord Skor


Jedi rebel

AIM: blackdragonfyres
Email: Sithatheart@yahoo.com

Terminal Lance/Mike/Agil

AIM: mgagne002@gmail.com


AIM: tnu111
MSN: dj@beachpc.com

Vallyria Sol'rhia/Desra

AIM: themorriganscall
MSN: oliviafaithwyndham@gmail.com
YIM: oliviaunawyndham

Jaden Alkarin

msn: retrolife@hotmail.co.uk

Kavis Knesos/Zach:

Birthday - May 30th, 1993

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