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Gamer Contacts

If you would like to be added, just make a post with the request and one of the mods will take care of it. You can also send an alert via the user CP.

Xbox Live gamertags

Aggro: Kingof2nd
attoyou1: Attoyou1
Black Yoshi: GHGodWaluigi
Castrael: Nastrae
cool_guy2000: HardTarget86
Fox Forever: RealistIdealist
Gameboy86: TM33 Gameboy
Ghowilo: PilotJoker58767
Helius: ScrotusaurusRex
Immaculate Blood: lukkamoon
Jet Presto: Nerd Dan
Kankaro: N1ck1e5
L@NCE: SirLance88
LLight: Arsic
Magnum Rage: Thanatos Pink
Metal-Superman: Warhead89x
Shadow Sonday: BlazeInferno360
Southpaw: Tanki Sha
the oi: MeyvonNooj
Vandy: Majora Prime


Apollo Justice: zelosioso
attoyou1: Attoyou
Black Yoshi: NoodlesDreemurr
Castrael: Napalia
Cyuss: Comray
Dark_Knowings: Dark_Oblivion
Eagel0 (alternate): Alistax
Eagle0: Gaglex
Fatal Forcer: FatalForcer
Fox Forever: RealistIdealist
Gameboy86: TM 33 - Gameboy
Jet Presto: JET PRESTO
Jo Nathan: Froyton
Kyon: Gaglex
L@NCE: SirLance88
LLight: Arsic
Metal-Superman: Metal-Superman
Orion Nebula: ValkanoEros
Pumpkinhead: Whitesnake5150
Riku~: jcv012689
S.O.H.: Lunylua
Southpaw: CynicideX

Nintendo Switch Friend Codes:

Black Yoshi: SW-7866-3254-3307
Castrael: SW-3260-4459-3713
MC2009: SW-2945-1521-9701
ShadowFox08: SW-7254-9802-5220
S.O.H.: SW-0034-9864-1712
weid man: SW-3068-4856-4888

Nintendo Network IDs:

Black Yoshi: Waluigifan91
Bubba: Ssubba
Bugei Nights: alph4m11bo
Fatal Forcer: Simon_Be1mont
Fox Forever: FoxForever90
Gameboy86: Gameboy86
Jo Nathan: Froyton
Kyon: pepermerio
L@NCE: SirLance88
LLight: Arsic0
Magnum Rage: Bloomlit
MajorasMask9: MajorasMask9
mariomguy: mariomguy
Orion Nebula: ValkanoEros
Rekkaken: SpoonyNinja
ShadowFox08: sselemanrm
weid man: yoshifan001

3DS Friend Codes

Apollo Justice: 3652 1042 1405
Aurelian: 0447-9755-5259
Black Yoshi: 2234 7579 0514
Bubba: 3566 2628 9140
Castrael: 5000-6565-0295
Fatal Forcer: 3866 9442 3266
Female Alpha Wolf (aka FAW): 0001-4392-6330
Fox Forever: 2294 5932 1867
Gameboy86: 4210 4049 3373
Helius: 1392 5593 7200
Jo Nathan: 4897 6963 4172
Kyon: 5129 0953 8042
L@NCE: 3797 6229 6654
LLight: 1762 2928 7182
lonewolf: 1779 1991 4168 (old was 2122 6185 3688)
MajorasMask9: 0473 7785 1807
Orion Nebula: 5043 4588 8017
Pirate_Ninja: 3695 0060 1860
Rekkaken: 2664 2106 4843
Shadow Sonday: 5412 9894 7464
Speed Bike Pro: 2019 9849 7841
SOH: 0791-6200-3006
weid man: 5370 0919 7163

Steam IDs

Aurelian: Aurelian
Black Yoshi: NoodlestheDreemurr
Bubba: Bubba11793
Cyuss: CorruptedCyuss
Forte Lambardi: Glyde Garrett
Jet Presto: Jet.Presto
Kassie the Eevee: Gin Blossoms
Kyon: pepermario
L@NCE: SirLance88
LLight: Arsic
Orion Nebula: ValkanoEros
polish tough: miketv101
Pope Dullahan I: themostabstruse
weid man: yoshifan001

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