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About this forum/Our history

This forum originall started off as a requested forum for a few people who wanted to RP as lizards. The whole idea of lizard Rping can be traced back to a popular and comical user called "Anna Lizard" from Mike's GT.

In 2011, Zed(also known as Emerald Lizard) became mod of this forum, and at popular request, expanded it to include all members of the animal kingdom. He also started to go beyong RPing, adding regular discussions about pets and wildlife. In July of that year, with with real life issues on his mind and a wish to move on, Zed resigned from GTX.0. Both Aragni_Darkness(formally known as Hitaiga) and Feral(myself) had, by this time, developed an interest in what Zed was doing, and started watching and working with the now unmodded forum. The two of us put out a few ideas, animal biogrpahys, animal related new stories, and whatnot. A post in the Life Forum reguarding hunting also helped to get in a cheap inter-site advertisement.

A month later, on August 3rd, much to the surprise of everybody, including them, Xhin hired Feral(A well liked and respected veteran site regular) and appointed him and Aragni(whom already mods the Writing Center forum) as co-mods in this forum.

In June of 2012, the forum was again expanded to include the non-sentient part of the natural world as well as the animals. This would include plants and the natural environment.

On June 21st of 2012, Aragni stepped down from all his forums, including this one, siting personal issues.

I believe that while keeping the best of the old(our original RPers), and evloving the forum into something new, we can make this forum better then ever.

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