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Clan/Team Rules

Clan/Team Rules updated March 8, 2011

Clan/Team Rules

First of all I would like to give a definition as to the terms "Clan" and "Team"

Clan - An association of duelists formed for the purpose of gaining power and/or being the strongest as well as elimating anouther association or for any other reason causes trouble.

Team - An association of duelists formed for a positive purpose such as assisting new duelists, promoting creativity or for promoting a perfered strategy.

Clans are not permitted, but teams are welcome to operate here at GameTalk X.0's Dueling Cards forum if they follow these rules.

1) There will be absolutely no fighting between teams. Should two teams be at odds with each other that's fine, but it doesn't belong here.

2) Should members of one team get into a fight with another team all other member are to stay out of it. I'ld rather give out warnings or hour long bans to individuals than kick a bunch of people out of Dueling cards.

3) Teams can recruit here at Dueling Cards, but are only allowed one recruitment post per page. No need to flood the page with the same topic.

4) Teams can post about their team only in thier recruitment post or within a post started by a team member. Normally this isn't a problem as most teams have thier own website. If a team doesn't have thier own website, thier team leader should contact me and I'll see what I can do to help.
(Subject must be team help)

Teams with a website who wish to have their website made public can request to have it added to the Forum News section. It will remain there until the site is taken down, the team breaks up or if the team is no longer permitted to operate at GTx.0.

5) Teams are permitted to have contests and tournaments here at Dueling Cards, but any team organized contest or tournament has to be open to the public and permission from me is required. (Subject must be team name and the word "event")

Prizes are permitted to be given out to winners of team organized contests or tournaments with the exception of "free" membership.

6) Teams can set what ever requirements for membership that they wish provided it doesn't include buying your way in (either with cash or cards) and is within reasonable limits and doesn't disrupt normal activities here at Dueling Cards.

7) Teams are expected to treat non-group members and members of other teams (even rival teams) with respect.

8) Teams are required to notify me with the following information before they start activities within Dueling Cards (via e-mail):

(Subject must be the team name)
Team name
Team mission
Team website address
Full list of team members

Teams are required to notify my as to the names of all members currently in thier team either through e-mail or thier recruitment post.

Should you have any further questions or wish to start a team or team event please contact me at

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