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Dueling Cards

For all your trading card game (TCG) needs.

Forum Rules

Rules updated April 27, 2011

These are the site rules. The ones that are bold are forum rules or additions to site rules that apply only to Dueling Cards.

The following is a short list of things *NOT* allowed at GameTalk X.0

1. Flooding (making multiple posts in a row with the intent of disrupting the site)
2. Spamming (making posts devoid of content or full of advertisements)
3. Impersonation (pretending to be another user)
4. Giving out another user's personal information without their permission (this includes full names, pictures, passwords, IPs, etc)
5. Moderator/Admin impersonation
All users of Dueling Cards are expected to show past and present mods of GTx.0 as well as the original GT and all GT tribute sites respect while they are posting in Dueling Cards.
6. Posting visual (sexual or violent) pornography (pictures, videos)
7. Cursing in post titles
8. Exploitation (abusing bugs in the site's coding to break other rules)
9. If a user is locally banned in multiple forums for the same reason, it may be necessary to issue a site-wide ban.
10. Ban evasion (avoiding global bans issued for rule-breaking)
11. Harassment, flamming or trolling is not pemitted. This includes provoking another for any reason such as, but not limited to, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, mental or physical disabilities or nationality.

Things that you may do at Dueling Cards.

1. Swearing is permitted, but don't over do it. Swearing at another or to insult another's deck is not permitted. Replacing letters with symbols and striking out is now considered swearing. For example:


The use of words which are covered under rule 11 such as "gay" used as a negative or insult is not permited.
2. Off-topic posts are permitted, but you are only allowed to post one off-topic post per page.
3. Trading is permitted, but do so at your own risk. GTX.0 is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

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