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Note: Topics for games that have their own forum with be moved to the appropriate forum.

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Rules of the forum

No flaming, harassing, petty name-calling or otherwise insulting other users.

Topics may become heated due to the nature of debates, and this is acceptable as long as it does not go too far. However, unprovoked belligerence or harassment toward other users will not be tolerated.

No advertising other forum sites.

Do not mention sexual organs; it does not belong on a forum for games.

Swearing is allowed, but don't overdo it.

If the game you are posting about has its own forum on the quicklinks, your post may be moved to the appropriate forum if posted here.

A little bit of off-topic chat is ok, but if it turns into a lengthy discussion, the posts may be split into its own thread and possibly moved to a more appropriate forum.

Fights that have derailed/threaten to derail a thread will be tagged, and users attempting to continue the fight may face a 24-hour ban.

Do not bring arguments or conflicts from other forums here, as this serves only to derail threads.

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