The Recycling Bin

A storage place for tagged threads.

The Garbageman: Dito
Animal Kingdom Rules

  • No spamming

  • No fighting/flaming

  • No trolling(trolls are NOT animals, and are NOT allowed)

  • No flooding(accept for water habitats)

  • Be polite and respectful to others

  • Do not harass or bother the RPers in anyway. This was originally THEIR forum.

  • Cussing is allowed at a minimal level

  • This forum will not be used to attack or discriminate against the furry fandom. Let's keep opinions clean and polite.

    **Due to the nature of this forum, some topics might contains sensitive material, such as gore or depictions of animal anatomy. Any posts containing such content MUST be a serious discussion and will have a warning in the title. Such content is NOT allowed outside those threads.


  • Enjoy your stay!

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