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The Wrestling Forum

Woo, woo, woo! You know it!
Rules & Regulations of TWF

I assume that all of you know how to behave here, but for the n00bs, here is a nice slab of rules. Pretty straight forward.

1. No flaming

Flaming is defined as anything posted with the intent to attack or harass another user. We all get angry or frustrated, but that isn't an excuse for going after somebody else. Try to channel out any anger in a responsible way. :P

1b. Cussing/Foul Language

Cussing and foul language is allowed in moderation. Try to keep it on the level you here on wrestling TV. No sexual terms or derogatory terms will be allowed. Only FK is allowed to to drop mass f-bombs, and only in one of his rants.

2. No cyber-bullying/sexual predators.

Self-explanatory. Keep it clean, peeps.

3. Be respectful.

Here and then, there will be heated discussions. Please refrain yourselves from insulting others. Everybody is not going to have the same opinion about John Cena or D-X. Just go about it in a respectful manner.

4. Stick on topic.

This is the Wrestling Forum. Therefore, we talk about wrestling and anything that deals with it. Whether it be about video games, story lines, backstage news/rumors, philosophy in certain matches or about the forum itself, stay on topic. Also allowed is MMA, Boxing, and other forums of hand-to-hand sports.

5. No posting of House Wrestling or Backyard Wrestling.

This is a professional wrestling forum, this is a place for wrestling fans to talk about pro wrestling promotions and wrestling on your couches or in your backyards is not professional wrestling. It's just children who could potentially injury themselves and can give pro wrestling a bad name. No KHW or anything similar. As they say on WWE TV, "Do NOT try this at home!"
Posting this kind of content will be tagged on site.

6. No anti-posts.

If you plan on coming over here and stating that "wrestling is fake" and how we should "watch a man's sport," waste your time somewhere else. There's the Sports Forum. If that's not good enough, get a posse and have a massive request for Xhin. As stated above, discussion of other combat sports is acceptable, so long as it doesn't put wrestling down. We do not tell you what to watch. Don't waste our time.

7. No trolling.

Trolling is defined as posting something hurtful or stupid with the intention of getting a negative reaction. You troll, you perish. Trolling = problems, and that is something we can all use a lot less of.

Any questions, contact me at afroman4eva@yahoo.com.

Enjoy your stay here in The Wrestling Forum!

-dragon2002, moderator

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Link to group page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_216849388338927&ap=1

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