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The Wrestling Forum

Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions!
Wrestling Forum Alumni and History

Back in the days of the original GameTalk, there was not a legit Wrestling Forum until the summer of 2002. The biggest forum for wrestling chat was located at the WWF No Mercy (N64) forum. There were other forums that was doing pretty well, those were the WWF SmackDown: Know Your Role (PSOne) and the WWF/E WrestleMania X8 (GC) forums. The wrestling fan population was divided. It wasn't until late August 2002 when GameTalk started the official Wrestling Forum: at last, a place for wrestling fans to formally call "home": a global wrestling forum that covered opinions, video games, match results, and much more. As the old motto read, "The forum for EVERYTHING wrestling."

The World Wrestling Forum (WWF) era lasted from August 2002 to June 2008, when a mysterious attack in the GameTalk system postponed operations. Later on, Mike Pooler, the one who ran GameTalk, decided to close the site down.

Here were the regs from that World Wrestling Forum era. Note: this is not a complete list, but it is a good one nonetheless.

LivingLegend/Lionheart (Mod)

The Crippler (Mod)

MSS (Mod)

Mr. PPV!

Heartbreaker (mod)

Dan McMahon!



Compton Effect




Jean O Mac



Billion Dollar Princess

josh 132






NWO Sweet





Killer Khan



KoPoDa/Ko - Poda

Gametalk's Finest










The Game

The Dead Phenom


Silvercloud/Rogue Panther/Silverbolt

DC Slaughter

Glenn Piper




D Mike

Batista Powerbomb/Kenadian Destroyer

Trish's Toyboy





ChristianCage*/The Dark Lord Raven


man of sno

The WWE Raccoon




Contain Master

Lone Wolf


Pistol Pete


Lastride 666





Cryme Time 123

Rob Van Dammit


rick astin

tha blow

Deucalion Hades

team groin

Eric Bischoff


The Quick Silver



~Dr. Dude Love~





In February 2009, Daniel/Thesus created the GameTalk Restoration site, which no longer exists as of May 2010. The following month, the Old GameTalk spawned in the internet, making for a more permanent remake of Mike's GameTalk. Most of the regs of the(GT)WWF went separate ways; some migrated to the OGT; others went and created their own forum elsewhere. RandomDave was the mod of the Wrestling Forum at the Old GameTalk.

The regs that existed from the OGT made their way over to GameTalk X.0, where business picked up rather quickly and dragon2002 was named moderator.


2010 started right where 2009 left off - trying to establish more of a community that was lost and dispersed ever since Mike Pooler's GT went under. The World Wrestling Forum was successful in getting a set community consisting of old and new members. 2010 saw the returns of KoPoDa, the wondertaker, tha blow, Psychosis?, man of sno, LionHeart, MSS, and a few others returned to their old stomping grounds in 2010.

In May 2010, dragon2002 pitched an idea to Xhin regarding the use of YouTube videos for every forum instead of having a YouTube forum. Soon after, Xhin constructed an option to post videos for any forum.

In July 2010, KoPoDa was named as dragon2002's "tag team partner" as a co-moderator. The moderating duo vastly improved the forum as a whole together and made The World Wrestling Forum as one of the top forums overall in GameTalk X.0.


2011 was a year that had its share of glorious moments and downer moments. On January 17th, 2011, The World Wrestling Forum was announced as GameTalk X.0's Most Nostalgic Forum of 2010, and dragon2002 was named GameTalk X.0's Favorite Mod/Admin of 2010, two of the biggest honors.

Things were steady until the summertime, when the second edition of the annual GameTalk Rumble had a controversial ending. The host of the GT Rumble, dragon2002, made an error with Zed.'s choice, which resulted him in getting eliminated. A match of the Rumble winner and Zed.'s corrected entrant was simulated; Zed. won the match.

Not long after the GT Rumble controversy, the worst incident of trolling in the history of The World Wrestling Forum struck and wreaked havoc for a solid two months. A clan consisting of Dark Ness, roflcakes, and "supporters," KHW (Khalif House Wrestling) managed to make what once was the most peaceful forum in all of GameTalk into one full of hate and disorder. After banning the KHW crew, the ban was uplifted in hopes of a peaceful agreement between the regs and KHW. Not long after, Dark Ness posted hate videos disrespecting Xhin, KoPoDa, dragon2002, and Feral, among others. Trolling and sabotage ensued, leading to a permaban of Dark Ness and all of KHW.

The year ended on a good note. Long-time member Feral was appointed by Xhin as a site-wide administrator.


The World Wrestling Forum had a rather humble beginning of 2012. KoPoDa resigned as co-moderator after nearly two and a half years of duty. The World Wrestling Forum lost its recognition throughout GameTalk X.0 as "Most Nostalgic Forum" and home of "Favorite Mod/Admin" in the 2011 Awards, and such honors were replaced by the home of "Worst Mod/Admin" in Feral and "Worst Admin Decision" in the drama-filled fiasco formed by KHW.

In an attempt to rejuvenate The World Wrestling Forum, moderator dragon2002 appointed a new co-moderator in Blood_Falcon.

Sadly, in the tail end of 2012, Dragon2002 decided to retire both from the mod position and from GT in general to better focus on his real life.


Under the sole eye of the very green Blood Falcon, the Wrestling Forum continued to struggle in 2013. The tournaments lost all steam and died off. The base of the activity remaining was sustained by Feral's Prediction Series and All4AJLee's(the former Trish'sToyBoy/Pheonix Rising) Quiz events.

However, a bright light shines on the horizon, as the entire of GTx0 looks to enter a new era. We all excitedly await the launch of the brand new GTx0 2.0! Unlike the Gamedex2.0 relaunch from way back when that wound up mortally killing GT when it failed to come through, this time, we WILL get a fresh start. GTx0 2.0 ETA- July, 2013. As of August, we are still waiting.

The Wrestling Forum did a complete 180 in July of 2013, when Blood_Falcon was fired from the mod position for failure to perform his duties. GT admin and Wrestling Forum veteran, Feral, stepped up to take his place and was joined shortly after by long time reg, L@nce. The Wrestling forum began it's glorious resurgence with these two at the helm.

A brand new activity started up in August 2013, as #AJChamp, the former All4AJLee, created the "World Wrestling Forum Booking" or WWFB for short, an activity where forum members build PPV cards that AJ simulates and the other bookers score.

Unfortunatly, not ever potential idea works out, and L@nce was quickly gone from the mod position, preferring life as a reg, and leaving Feral alone.(Sadly, L@nce vanished from the site shortly afterwards.) Due to the active regs spending mkore time dealing with the offline lives, the complete lack of fresh blood, and the forthcoming relaunch taking a major stumble due to business on Xhin's part, throughout the tail end of 2013, the forum continued to struggle with Feral's prediction series being the only real activity outside of news posts.


February saw the return of former moderator, dragon2002, under a new name: Grizzled Youth. This was the first time he appeared in the forum since the summer of 2012.

In April of 2014, GTWF joined the rest of the wrestling world in mourning the sudden passing of Jim "Ultimate Warior" Hellwig, who died of a massive heart attack just 2 days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In mid 2014, the sudden rebirth of the tournies into a full on season-type of activity brought a huge jump of activity to the forum.

In December, Feral Wolf stepped down from the moderator position.


At 12 midnight, dragon2002 became moderator of the forum once again.

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