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Wrestling Forum Hall of Fame

Winners of tournaments will be mentioned here, along with the wrestler they picked to win. I thought it would be a good idea and it would add interest for users to join tournaments.

1. Undertaker (TrapStar94) def. The Rock (LionHeart) in a best two out of three falls match.

2. Eddie and Chavo Guerrero (amps) def. Jeff Hardy and Kane (-Disturbed-) in a best of five series.

3. Eddie Guerrero (dragon2002) won in a 24-man Royal Rumble by eliminating The Kat (pacman1234).

4. Kane (-Disturbed-) def. Mankind (dragon2002) in the finals of an 8-Man Ladder Tournament.

5. Earl Hebner (The MSS) def. Kankaro in the finals of a 16-entrant cage tournament.

6. Big Show (Bleedin' Cubby Blue) def. Rob Van Dam (Aero), Christian (KDC), and Kankaro in a Hell In A Cell Fatal Four Way.

7. Kankaro def. Undertaker (Bleedin' Cubby Blue) in the finals of the Last Man Standing Tournament.

8. Chuck Taylor (Espada) def. Kane (Kazoobie) in the finals of the first-ever WWF Attitude tournament.

9. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels (Hitaiga) def. Kurt Angle and Booker T (Morrigan) in a Tag Team TLC Tournament in the Last Man Standing finals.

10. Kane (pinkkirby01) eliminated Shane McMahon (Blood_Falcon) to win the inaugural 32-entrant GameTalk Royal Rumble.

11. Triple H (CM.) eliminated Kurt Angle (Kazoobie) and Hulk Hogan (chiefsonny) in the finals of a Last Man Standing Triple Threat Tournament.

12. Cactus Jack (chiefsonny) eliminated Bryan Danielson (KM8) to win the MASSIVE 36-Entrant Elimination Chamber Tournament.

13. Heaven's Bad Boys (Feral) def. nWo (dragon2002) in the first-ever stable tournament.

14. Undertaker and Kane (dragon2002) def. Kevin Nash and Great Khali (celtic94) to win a 16-Team Ladder Tournament.

15. Cactus Jack (dragon2002) def. Necro Butcher (monkey eater) to win a 16-Entrant Hardcore Tournament.

16. Kane (celtic94) def. Rikishi (tha blow) to win a 16-Man First Blood Tournament.

17. Undertaker (celtic94) def. Chris Benoit (hezekiah) to win the first forum-recognized King Of The Ring tournament.

18. Kevin Nash (Psy?) def. Bret Hart (Lone Wolf) to win the first WCW-themed tournament in GT history.

19. Randy Orton (Psy?) def. Kurt Angle (Lone Wolf) in the finals of a 16-Entrant TLC Tournament.

20. Goldberg (WONDERTAKER) def. Triple H (pinkkirby01) to win a 16-Entrant Tournament.

21. Big Show & Mark Henry (Querymonger) def. CM Punk & Sheamus (WONDERTAKER) to win a 16-Entrant Tag Team Tornado Elimination Tournament.

22. Faarooq (Dark Knowings) def. Kane (Louis 3:16) in the finals of a 16-Entrant First Blood Tournament.

23. Kankaro def. Steve Austin (dragon2002) in a 18-Entrant Tournament to become the first GTWF Champion in Johnny Perfect's season.

24. Steve Austin (-FK-) def. The Undertaker (dragon2002) in the finals of a 16-Entrant Inferno Tournament.

25. CM Punk (CM. Punk) def. Jeff Hardy (-Disturbed-) in the finals of an eight team steel cage tournament [winning team faced off]

26. Shawn Michaels (KoPoDa) def. Stone Cold (Rock21) and Eddie Guerrero (Steve-O) in the finals of a 12-entrant Hall of Fame tournament

27. Undertaker (Feral) def. Triple H (\/\/ONDERTAKER) and Christian (Dark Knowings) in the elimination triple threat finals of a championship scramble tournament

28. The Power Trip (\/\/ ONDERTAKER) def. The Dudley Boyz (Hitaiga) in the finals of a 16-team TLC tournament

29. Containiac for being the captain of the winning team when X-Pac (Louis3:16) eliminated Bryan Danielson (pinkkirby01) in the first 4-Team Battle Royal

30. Tommy Dreamer (pinkkirby01) def. Raven (Neil Perry) in the finals of a 16-entrant ECW tournament

31. Team Blood_Falcon (Blood_Falcon as Undertaker, dragon2002 as The Rock, Bleedin' Cubby Blue as Mankind, Neil Perry as Mark Henry, Rock21 as Kurt Angle, \/\/ ONDERTAKER as Jeff Hardy, Kankaro as Steve Austin, and Zed. as Ken Shamrock) def. Team pinkkirby01 (pinkkirby01 as Kane, Feral as Edge, Shawn Michaels as D Mike, Triple H as -FK-, Hitaiga as Chris Benoit, Louis 3:16 as Matt Hardy, Test as Containiac, and Fallen Angel as Christian) in a Sibling Rivalry 8-on-8 Team Elimination match.

32. KacKDaddy (Steve-O) def. Andres Reyes (dragon2002) to win the 2011 GameTalk Rumble.

33. Daniel Bryan (Querymonger) def. Chris Benoit (Neil Perry) to win a 16-entrant submission tournament.

34. Steve Austin (Neil Perry) def. Triple H (celtic94) to win a 16-entrant TKO tournament.

35. Goldberg (D Mike) def. The Rock (SirL@NCE) to win an 8-Team Hardcore Deathmatch tournament.

36. Steve Austin (-Phoenix Rising-) def. The Rock (Kack Daddy), Shawn Michaels (the wondertaker), and CM Punk (L@NCE) to win a Battle Royal tournament.

37. Edge (Feral) def. Undertaker (-Phoenix Rising-), CM Punk (Neil Perry), and Batista (Kack Daddy) to win a 12-Entrant TLC Tournament [first ever on a PSP]

38. Alberto Del Rio and Big Show (Hapserone) def. CM Punk and Edge (Feral) to win a 16-team TLC Tournament.

39. CM Punk (BCB) def. Cactus Jack (Aragni_Darkness) to win a WWF No Mercy 16-Entrant Hardcore Tournament.

40. CM Punk (BCB) def. Sting (Aragni_Darkness), Undertaker (Feral), and Kane (L@NCE) to win a 16-Entrant Table Tournament.

41. Mankind (-Phoenix Rising-) def. Chris Benoit (Aragni_Darkness) in the finals of a 16 Entrant First Blood Tournament.

42. Randy Orton (The Dark Lord Raven) def. Steve Austin (This Is Matt Hardy at Peace) in the finals of an Ironman Tournament

43. Sting (-Phoenix Rising-) def. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (Blood_Falcon) and Hugh Morris (Aragni_Darkness) in a WCW/nWo based last man standing match

44. Kane (Blood_Falcon) def. John Cena (-Phoenix Rising-)in the finals of a WWE '13 Tables Tournament

45. Christian (Blood_Falcon) last eliminated Edge (Blood_Falcon) to win the 2012 GT Rumble.

46. Farooq (This is Matt Hardy at Peace) def. Undertaker (Feral) in the finals of a 16 person hardcore WWF No Mercy Tournament

47. Edge (The Dark Lord Raven) def. The Undertaker (Feral) in a WWE 13 Tournament.

48. CM Punk (BCB) and 1999 Chris Jericho (KacK Daddy) def. Scott Hall (Blood_Falcon) and Edge (Dark Lord Raven) to become the first ever GT Tag Team Champions.

49. Brock Lesnar (Rock21) def. Roman Reigns (#AJChamp) in a WWE 2K14 tournament.

50. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (Aragni_Darkness) and Brock Lesnar (-Disturbed-) def. Chris Jericho (KacKDaddy) and CM Punk (BCB) after winning a no. contender's tournament for the GTWF Tag Team Championships.

51. The Undertaker (BCB) def. Dean Malenko (Blood_Falcon) in the finals of an 8-entrant tourney to determine the first GTWF Nostalgia Champion.

52. Shawn Michaels (the wondertaker) def. The Rock (KoPoDa) for the GTWF Intercontinental Championship.

53. The Rock (KoPoDa) def. The Undertaker (Feral) and Rusev (Grizzled Youth) in a triple threat TLC match.

54. Shawn Michaels (the wondertaker) def. Bray Wyatt (BCB) to win the King of the Forum tournament and earns first pick for the 2015 GT Rumble.

55. Triple H (AJChamp) def. The Undertaker (Feral) in a tournament to decide a new no. 1 contender for the GTWF Nostalgia Championship.

56. Rob Van Dam (BCB) def. Dolph Ziggler (Aragni_Darkness) in a hair vs. hair steel cage match.

57. Kevin Nash, Triple H, and The Rock (Like-A-Boss) def. Ultimate Warrior, Sting, and Undertaker (Feral Wolf) in the finals of a 6-Man Tag tournament.

58. Cesaro (Brocken Jr) def. Sting (the wondertaker) in the finals of the 2016 GT King of the Ring



Most Wins: BCB - 5

Most Finals Losses: dragon2002 - 4

Best Winning Percentage in Finals: Espada, MSS, -FK-, Psy?, Querymonger, KoPoDa, Feral, amps, CM./CM. Punk, Containiac - 1.000

Most Consecutive Tournament Wins: dragon2002, celtic94, Psy?, BCB, Blood_Falcon - 2

Most Consecutive Tournament Losses in the Finals: dragon2002, Lone Wolf, Neil Perry, Aragni_Darkness - 2

Most Consecutive Finals Appearances - Kankaro, dragon2002 - 4

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