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09/11/2001 WE REMEMBER
Masse's Forum Rules (Archived)

Whereas "rules" is to be taken the same way Italians take road signs: either as decorations or mere suggestions. I myself am allergic to rules so my setting them out for you would sound very hypocritical.

In addition to that, I'm also a strong believer in the Latin motto "Summum ius, summa iniuria" (you can google for a translation). Latins, unlike the Romans of today, were not morons and Cicero, one who couldn't be bothered with main verbs, was no fool either.

But "no rules" does not mean "free for all". I will moderate this forum at discretion (my discretion), trying to do the best I can to keep it the way we all like it: a place where we can debate anything and everything, even vehemently if it so happens, but honestly (or was that earnestly?).

Anything which could negatively effect a honest debate will therefore be the subject of my wrath. You are all smart enough (otherwise you wouldn't be here) to realize what may or may not be included in that definition, but just to give you an outline posting under different names to support one's own opinion is definitely out, while swearing in the course of a heated debate is not.

Just remember that in this virtual world your words define you. I'm not particularly strict about language, then again people will be justified in deeming someone who constantly and gratuitously swears an idiot.

One or a few words for moderators and/or administrators and/or webmasters and/or owners and/or assorted Gods: you either enter this forum as a mere forum-goer or as a superior entity. In the first case you lay down all your weapons and take part in the brawl just like anybody else, in the second case your help is appreciated but do not remove anything I would not remove (and please leave me a head up about it), which implies that you are not supposed to touch anything if you are not sure about what I would do. Do not mix up the two (very) different roles you can play or you'll have a very angry Italian to deal with, even if you are the one who hired me.

Guess that's all. Spare me all the mumbo-jumbo about justice, democracy, equity, fairness kai ta leipomena (you can google for a translation): if enough people think I'm doing a bad job I will resign on the spot, but until then I'm THE boss around here. A despotic boss. A handsome and despotic boss. A handsome and despotic and autoironic boss.

Enjoy your staying and remember that whatever you do, that I have killed people for far less.


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