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Forum Guidelines

First off, I'd just like to encourage everyone to have fun, and engage in honest and passionate debate about Sports. Topics about ANY sport is allowed.

Whether it be Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, Poker, Golf, Hockey, Water Polo, Swimming, Diving, Biking, etc. as well as MMA and Wrestling. And yes, I know there's a forum for Wrestling but I'll still allow it. If there are any sports that I forgot which you'd like to make a thread about, then feel free.

you can do:

On-topic posts about any sport.

The occasional off-topic post.

Fantasy Sports Posts.

Any post about Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc. is allowed.


This has never really been much of an issue for the forum. Even still though I'd encourage people to keep swearing to a minimum if possible. There are a few forums which have lenient swearing policies. If you want to just casually do it, then it's fine. I'd prefer you don't make it really excessive though. I really am not a big fan of censoring people when it comes to language. I'm pretty lenient in this regard. However, one thing I ask is to not put swearing in the title of the post.

I will edit the title of any post with swearing in it. I will not delete the post, but I will edit it. There won't be any punishment for it, but please just try not to do it.

I'd appreciate if excessive swearing is kept to a minimum. I can understand it happening once in a great while, but if it continues a ban will be in order. (explained later on)

Post Appropriate images.

This is similar to the swearing. I'm lenient. I suspect you guys will know what is appropriate. Of course no porn is allowed. Feel free to post appropriate images without worrying about them being removed. Non-sports related images are also fine when in the appropriate context. Again, I assume you know what the right context is.

you can't do:

I will post Things You Can't Do from Least Severe Offences to Most Severe Offences:

Starting more than 10 threads per page.

There won't actually be any punishment for this. I would just like to encourage all users to make posts when anything sports related is on their mind.

Excessive swearing/tirades.

Like I mentioned above, swearing is usually fine and if you are just having a bad day and go off on a tirade, then it's fine. If the tirades continue then there will be consequences. Consequences will be:

1. Warning

2. Week Long Name Ban

3. 2-Week Long IP Ban

4. I'll hand it off to Xhin.

Swearing at another user/flaming

While I'm lenient on swearing, I discourage swearing AT other users. This includes name calling and/or flaming another user. I don't mind name calling if it's in a playful manner however. Most people on the forum know each other fairly well. Ragging on someone's team doesn't fall into this category. Just avoid any blatant name-calling and/or swearing directed towards another user. Consequences are:

1. Warning

2. One Week IP Ban

3. Two Week I.P. ban

4. I'll hand it off to Xhin


This is making any inappropriate off-topic post. Off-topic posts, as I mentioned before are fine, as long as they're appropriate. Inappropriate off-topic posts are spam. No warnings for this. Consequences are:

1. One Week IP Ban

2. Two Week IP Ban

3. I'll hand it off to Xhin


I will absolutely not tolerate any racism/bigotry. Any racial slur will be deleted immediately. This includes gay slurs and using the word gay in place of "stupid" or "dumb". Even if it is not directed at anyone in the forum, I'll still not tolerate it. Use an alternative word. Most people in the forum are smart enough to find another adjective. Racial slurs will net you a worse punishment than using gay as an insult. Racial/Gay slurs is an automatic two. Whereas using gay in place of "dumb" and "stupid" is a one. Consequences are:

1. Warning

2. One Week IP Ban

3. Two Week IP Ban

4. I'll hand it off to Xhin

Impersonating another user.

This is pretty self-explanatory. If someone is impersonated, I'll know who did it so just don't do it. It makes it easier on us both. This one is a blatant violation of the rules and will come with no warning. Consequences are:

1. One Week IP Ban

2. Two Week IP Ban

3. I'll hand it off to Xhin

Posting pornographic images.

This is the worst offense you could do on the forum. Consequences are:

1. No warning and automatic Global Ban

If anyone has any questions/concerns or ideas, then feel free to make a post. I'm open to any and all ideas. If you think of something I forgot to address, then just let me know.

Now that you know all the rules, all I have to say is have fun, and enjoy yourselves. Let the discussing continue!

If anyone needs to contact me, my email and Yahoo! Instant Messenger is RagingRhyno21@yahoo.com

My AIM is RagingRhyno21

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