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GTX0 Lounge

Pull up a chair
Forum Rules

The following rules are to be followed by everyone who posts in this forum:

The Big Four:

No Impersonating
  • This includes: Pretending to be another user by hacking their account; and
  • Using certain methods of deception in order to mirror a person's screename either identically or near identically.

    No excessive profanity
  • Swearing and adult themes are allowed, so long as it is in good spirits.

    No flooding
  • Flooding a forum with multiple posts or replies of similair quality will not be tolerated.

    No Flaming
  • This includes: Insulting another person, or inciting hostility or hatred.
  • In debates and discussions where users become increasingly provocative or hostile, the moderator holds the discretion to differentiate between blatant flaming and the use of an abusive arguing style.

    The Rest:

    Do not post personal information without consent
  • Posting someone else's: address; phone number; IP address; photo; bank details and financial information; birthdate; ID (all known variations) and name of school they attended is not allowed unless the parties involved have consent.

    No Cybering
  • This includes: Internet "sexy time". Just no. What is wrong with you?

    No Hateful Slurs
  • This encompasses any racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

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