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Spirituality, Religion, Theology and Philosophy

All faiths & lack of faiths welcome.
All debate styles welcome.
WARNING: Posts may contain sensitive and controversial material.
Forum Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to Spirituality, Religion, Theology, and Philosophy! Our philosophy here:

"Free speech, freedom of expression and ideas is not a banning offense in this forum." -- Psygnosis

The Commandments

1. Don't spam (posting nonsensical posts, even one)

2. Don't troll or flame. Trolling is basically attacking other people on no basis, or attacking their viewpoints without any real substance (ie, UR POSTS R STUPID LRN2RELIGION). Flaming is attacking people and not their ideas, even though ad hominem is clearly our favorite logical fallacy.

3. Vulgar language and content are okay, but don't go too overboard with them. Please.

4. Off-topic posts, as always, are perfectly welcome.

How to make the rest of us happy

1. Don't throw the dictionary at someone. Words should be seen in their context. Besides, they're liable to catch it and set fire to it. And then you'd be out a dictionary.

2. If you counter the other side on the basis that their religion or gender or sexual orientation or pet cat is inherently flawed, you are planting a kara-haba (hate-seed) in their argument. Discussions don't have to be heated arguments. Although those are sometimes more fun.

3. When you're done arguing, leave and gather your thoughts. Nothing hurts your argument worse than saying something along the lines of "SHUT UP YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH!".

4. Remember, no matter what you say, you're probably wrong.

A final note

"Neither of us are going to change our minds, so to me that discussion is pointless. If you've like to have it again, though, I would love to."

--White Thunder

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