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The Pokémon Forum

It's like my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas.

Wary of strong language? Hah! You better have BURN HEAL!

Moderated by The Cheerfully Electrifying Man: Pirate_Ninja
Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the GTX0 Pokémon Forum! This is a center for all things Pokémon-related. Here, you can ask questions, make trades, challenge others to battles, share advice or discoveries in the world of Pokémon, hold Pokémon discussions/debates, and much more! All the while, you can meet and connect with the wonderful members of our community.

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If you have any questions specific to the Pokémon Forum, feel free to make a post here, and a mod or community member will surely step up to help!

Thanks for coming, and we hope you have a great time in the Pokémon Forum and here on GTx0!

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