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Who would win?
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Some useful terms that may pop up in this forum.

Aimdodging: when a character that is not necessarily faster than a bullet anticipates the path of a bullet and reacts in time to move out of the way.

BFR/BFD: battlefield removal/battlefield destruction. The term for when a character is assumed to have won through stranding, incapacitating or possibly killing the opponent with environmental issues instead of defeating them in a direct fight.

Bloodlusted: a state where a character uses the full extent of their abilities as efficiently as they know how. It does not mean an irrational, blind rage.

Composite: a version of a character that uses all abilities presented in officially-licensed media.

EoS: end of series, usually when a character is at their most powerful.

FTE: faster than eyesight. This means a character is moving too fast for someone else to keep track of their position.

FTS: faster than sound.

FTL: faster than light.

Incap: meaning to force a character to be unable to continue the fight.

NLF: no-limits fallacy. The idea that because a character has not been shown to struggle or fail that they will not in the future or in a deathbattle.

PIS: plot-induced stupidity. This describes instances wherein something that should not logically happen does for the sake of dramatic or narrative reasons.

Plot Armor: the concept that explains important characters failing to get injured, fail or otherwise suffer inconvenience to the point that it strains credibility.

Tank: to take an attack and easily shrug off the effects.

WoG: word of god. Something that a writer says about their product outside of the product itself.

X/10: used to describe the results of ten rounds of fighting between characters. Used to describe odds rather than a literal ten-round bout.

X buster: a way of describing characters by the scale of target that they can destroy with a single attack.

X tonner: a way of describing a character by the amount of weight that they can lift. Mainly useful for low-tier fights.

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