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Basic Rules

1. No foul language in post titles. This includes curse words, reproductive organs or slang for them, and racial/sexist/homophobic slurs.

This is a site wide rule, but feel free to use curse words and slang for body parts in post threads. Just don't over do it.

2. Trolling will not be tolerated.

Trolling would be following a particular user around in multiple threads with no real response to the said user's content. As much as we sometimes like to debate what "trolling" entails, I think it's generally pretty obvious. Responses made with the clear intent of antagonizing someone counts as well.

Challenging users is not the same thing. For example, say JOHNNY X doesn't like G-FAN's opinions on movies. JOHNNY X frequently responds to G-FAN'S posts, but always in regards to the specific posts being made. This is an example of a user challenging another user.

If JOHNNY X were to follow many G-FAN posts with one line insults that are not actually a response to G-FAN's post, that would be considered trolling.

Better example: say BANDIT follows me around to constantly criticize my opinion of Marvel movies. Let's say he always responds to my threads and uses his arguments to call my opinion into question. This is challenging and is totally acceptable. (It's generally a big part of these types of forums.)

But if I were to follow many posts from BANDIT and just respond with things like, "You would like that, you dumb gorilla," that would be trolling. (I used a silly example, but still.)

People are generally pretty good here about challenging and not trolling. Posts that fall under this will be tagged. I will additionally give a warning to knock it off. If it persists, a ban may be implemented.

Personal attacks will be tagged.

By personal attacks, I mean things like sarcastic or one-liners that are designed specifically to mock a particular user without any real purpose of pushing the conversation in any direction. General insults are fine, so long as there is merit to the response. For example, if I were to reply to ORION by saying something like, "omg, what an idiot," that will get tagged. If I were to reply along the lines of "But that seems a little idiotic because...(then list why I think it's stupid)", that's fine. Insulting, sure, but it addresses a point and adds to the conversation.

I want threads to stay on topic, and these kinds of mocking posts that don't add anything to it will be viewed as derailment. Posts that violate this rule will be tagged.

Insults that get far too personal though will be tagged, and a warning will be issued. Further violations of the personal attacks will result in bans.

3. Swearing is allowed, but racial and homophobic slurs are not. Generally not an issue here. Also, this might sound counter intuitive, but I am tolerant of "cunt," but I will not allow "slut" to get thrown around.

And for clarity, I consider "cuck" to be a slur, and it is to be expected that if your post includes it, it will get tagged.

Any posts with such slurs will be grounds for immediate tagging.

Racist and offensive imagery will also not be tolerated. While thread themes might be mature, this is still ultimately a forum for entertainment. You post offensive imagery, it will be tagged. Exceptions will be made for any images from a piece of entertainment (for example: if you were going to talk about American History X and you post some pictures, i is kind of hard to find unoffensive images). In such cases, however, I may ask you to put images in spoiler tags so people may click on them if they want.

4. Additionally, I will not tolerate any comments along the lines of "kill yourself." This is grounds for tagging and a warning. Continuing to do so will result in a ban - length depending on the offense.

Same thing applies to threats.


A. Do NOT include any spoilers in thread title.

B. Vague spoilers do not need to be within the Spoiler Tags, but please hide anything that reveals specific plot points.

I.E. You don't need to put Spoiler Tags in if you're saying things like, "Well, Vader's connection to Luke makes that whole sequence later in the film more powerful."

But please post them in the Spoiler Tags if you're saying things like:

C. There is no statute of limitations on spoilers. What I mean is, contrary to popular belief, there is no rule that says after X-period of time, spoilers are fair game. Just because the Sixth Sense has been out for a while does not mean that everyone has seen it. Additionally, there may be younger users who were too young to watch some movies when they came out.

D. Any failures to be considerate regarding spoilers will get tagged.

A Note About Tagging Spoilers:

Though I will tag posts that don't consider the spoilers posted, I will immediately re-post it after editing it to include the appropriate spoiler tags.

Spoiler Tags are

[ hide ] text [ / hide ]

Minus spaces.

Pretty basic stuff. Also a lot of things that we already generally don't deal with at all anyway. The only thing that really applies is the spoiler stuff. Everything else is mainly there so it's in writing, should any trouble makers ever emerge.


People can be pretty hot-headed when seeing a post is tagged. Please note that any time I tag a post, I will post as quickly as I can as to why I tagged it. In the case of spoilers, I will simply edit the post so it's appropriately formatted. In the case of tags for rule violations, I will post WHY I tagged it.

There can be a little gap in time between when a post gets tagged and when I post the reason, but I WILL ALWAYS post the reason as soon as I can. I do believe in transparency here. So no need to get super angry and confused right off the bat. If you don't like my reason for tagging, you can send me a notification and we can discuss it outside the thread.

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    Additionally, all site-wide rules apply. Should go without say, but for the sake of clarity, here are all the rules inherently built into the Gametalk site across the board. Here they are, as posted in the Site Rules section by Xhin:

    Global Rules- Unallowed, Site-wide

    The following is a short list of things *NOT* allowed at GameTalk X.0. The following can result in "global bans", which are an inability to view the site for a certain period of time.

    1. Flooding (making multiple posts in a row with the intent of disrupting the site)

    2. Spamming (Making posts devoid of content or full of advertisements)
    2b. Making posts whose only content is flaming
    2c. Making posts whose only content is cybering

    3. Impersonation (pretending to be another user)
    3b. Staff impersonation for the purpose of exploiting their position.

    4. Giving out another user's personal information without their permission (this includes full names, pictures, etc)
    4b. Users may not publicly post their own phone numbers, street addresses, or other highly sensitive information.
    4c. If a user decides that they no longer wish people to use their personal information, they can make a post requesting that people stop

    5. Following a user around the site (or from post to post) with no intent other than to harass them

    6. Posting explicit pictures or videos, including:
    6a. Gore
    6b. Pornography
    6c. Nudity (note that posting something that contains nudity in addition to other content is a lesser offense).

    7. Cursing in post titles/user names

    8. Exploitation (abusing bugs in the site's coding to break other rules)

    9. Giving out external links to ROMs or other pirated material.
    9b. Generalized discussion of such material is acceptable so long as no names or links are given.
    9c. Embedding youtube videos of copyrighted material is acceptable, as the responsibility for procuring permission then falls on the uploader, and by proxy, youtube.

    A. If a user is locally banned in multiple forums for the same reason, it may be necessary to issue a site-wide ban.


    1. Double-posts are mistakes or site bugs, so extra posts will be removed.

    2. Forums with a specific topic may remove off-topic posts if too many are made or ban those who repeatedly do so.

    3. One-hour bans may be issued for the sake of "damage control" in posts that are rapidly moving towards rule-breaking.

    Get satisfaction!

    1. Global or Site-wide bans may be protested by emailing the head administrator of the site (Xhin23@gmail.com).

    2. Rule-breaking that hasn't been dealt with yet should be reported here.

    3. Local bans/post tagging that you believe are unfair (not necessarily your own) should be reported here

    4. Users that you feel are negatively affecting GTX0, site-wide, should be reported here

    5. Feedback is an excellent forum to discuss site rules and site direction in general.

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