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Memorable Quotes

"you can fuck now hindenberg"
S.O.H. - September 16, 2014


"I would NEVER issue a death threat I don't intend to keep."
mariomguy - October 30, 2014


"I will buy you a game of your choice if the switch out sells the wii in 5 years. (if this site isnt dead)"
S.O.H., to mariomguy - April 13, 2017


"$80 for 700+ games would be a steal." - Q

"No a steal would be pirating them. Which is quite easy." - I killed Mufasa

"That's stealing." - Q

Users Q and I killed Mufasa engage over the semantics of stealing and pirating content - September 30, 2017


"Brandy, are you offering to be my girlfriend?"
Welsh_Gamer makes a move - November 28, 2017


"What did you do to drive Knuckles to do all these things?

Spare me the story. It doesn't matter."

mariomguy - September 10, 2018

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