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Emulation on a PS2

Thanks to Feral for providing this guide.

How to play emulators on a PS2 (Codebreaker method)

For those who would like to play classic games via roms on a PS2, here is how. It IS possible to do it without the codebreaker disk, but it requires burning a CD.


PS2(Must be fat, as the USB ports on the thin do not work)
USB Flash Drive
Codebreaker disk(or any program that can transfer computer files to a memory card)
An empty PS2 memory card
Free McBoot(http://sksapps.com/launchers/uLaunchELF_v4.42.zip)

1. Download the Free McBoot.

2. Extract the .zip file and move the ULaunchelf.cbs to your flash drive.

3. Put your flash drive and empty memory card into your PS2, and boot up your codebreaker disk.

4. Access the USB option in the Save Game Manager, and copy the ULauchelf file onto your memory card.

5. Restart your PS2 and you should now have additional option on your PS2 browser. The important ones are "ULauchELF" and "SMS".

*ULaunchELF allows you to browse your USB and memory cards, view JPG images, and launch .elf files.

*SMS is a media player that allows you to view .jpg files, listen to .mp3 files, and watch .avi files.

4. Downlaod the .elf programs/emulators you wish to use, and any roms you have, onto your flashdrive.

5. Put the flashdrive back into the PS2, and lauch the .elf emulator.


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