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Mass Effect

Flammable! Or, inflammable? Forget which. Doesn't matter!

Not much in the ways of rules here, but I figured it's still worth posting:

1. No cursing in thread titles.

2. Threads should pertain to Mass Effect or games, movies, comics, shows, books, or even music that are similar or seem to have cross appeal for Mass Effect fans. (I.E. posting about Solar Winds because it's another sci-fi game wherein you have dialogue choices and are hunting something/someone down through a series of missions, or posting about a particular episode of Star Trek that deals with an issue or theme regularly found in Mass Effect.) Constant thread creation of non-Mass Effect related or cross appeal subjects would open itself up to possible action.

3. No trolling. Trolling here is defined as the constant following of a particular user's post with clear intent to provoke. So if person X is responding quickly to most things posted by person Y and is only in mocking language and tone, that would be "trolling." Warnings would be given before action, of course. (This isn't really an issue here. Just getting it down "on paper" for the records.)

4. Swearing IS allowed. Racial and homophobic slurs are not. (Again, not really an issue, just getting it down for the record.) Homophobic slurs being "fag, faggot, dyke." In terms of sexist slurs - and this might sound counter intuitive - but I will allow "cunt," but I will not allow "slut."

5. No indoctrination.

6. If you are going to discuss specific spoiler events, please use the


That is, (hide) Spoiler Text (/hide), only using [ ] instead of ( ).

These posts show up in "Newest Replies" as well. You don't need to worry if you're speaking of generalities. Not so much a rule, necessarily, as much as a rule of thumb. Be considerate.

Additionally, if you post an image or a YouTube video spoiler, please be VERY CLEAR that clicking on "Show Image" or "Show Video" can itself be inherently spoiling. More an issue with video, but sometimes the mere title of the video will spoil it, so you don't even need to watch the video.

I.E. You post a YouTube video of the ending of Sixth Sense and when you click "Show Video," the video with its title "Bruce Willis Dead Whole Time" shows up with it.

7. Just so it's down here too, I will not tolerate comments along the lines of "kill yourself." This (along with many other things in this Rules post) have never been a problem here. This tends to be just a few core users who all kinda get along anyway. I'm just listing it here should the off-occasion occur after some debate here strangely gets heated.

8. Additionally, threats will be grounds for a ban. Again, not generally an issue, but just so it's down here.

That's it. This forum has been pretty great. This was mostly just to get things down on record in the off chance someone comes in here and starts messing things up.

I also just wanted to get it down so that people know what (limited) things I will tag, so it's not a surprise if you say something that gets tagged.

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