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These are just some basic rules that Apollo and I have decided to add.

1. Streamers have control over their own posts. This means if a streamer feels the need to have a post tagged by someone, we will do it. Also, while watching a stream from Twitch or another site, GT rules no longer apply, but the streamer can create his/her own rules for said stream that must be followed.

2. Do not spam, flame or harass streamers and users. Do not advertise your stream, podcast, or anything else in another streamer's stream or post.

3. One thing, Apollo and I would like to see is that either before or after you stream a game, I would like to see a post in the appropriate forum for said game and discuss it. If you have others that watched, have them discuss, and help boost activity for GT.

4. To keep posts updated and fresh, after either 50 replies or 3 months, we ask that you make a new fresh post that's up to date, and current active streams and posts will be stickied while previous ones will either be moved to another location or tagged as to not keep the forum littered with non active posts. Streamers should edit their titles on what they are streaming and if they are on. If you are having trouble, Apollo or me can help update your title for you as can a global mod. This allows users to see who is on and who isn't.

5. If you use GTX0 to help advertise your stream, we ask that you attempt to advertise GTX0 in your stream. Rather it's a link to your streaming post, so this helps you and us out with both viewers and new users to help discuss various games.

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