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The Helper:

This section is incomplete, but I\'d like to go over some features that you may not have realized that GTX0 has. They come up a lot in requests.

Site features

  • Click \"Options\"(the icon in the header showing an axe and shovel) at the top of the page. Here you can turn off the quicklinks, make the background image black or nostalgic, and more.

  • Click the monocle icon to access the serach option. You can search for a specific forum or thread titles.

  • Clicking the \"People(X)\" icon(Link from Zelda series) shows you the last fifteen people to view the site. If their name appears yellow it means they\'re browsing the same page as you.

  • Click the beam-looking icon to the right of the site logo to login as a user providedhave an account. This will keep you from having to type in your username and password over and over and highlight your replies teal in any post.

  • Click any of the yellow underlined categories in the quicklinks (forum links area) to see all posts in those categories.

  • Forums can have their own custom forum images, post icons, and emoticons. Click \"Submit Image\" or \"Submit Icon\" down at the bottom of any forum index to submit your suggestions.


  • You can add a \"Signature\" that will appear above a new thread you start. surround the signature with [scroll][/scroll] to make it scroll across the page.

  • You\'ll see some icons right above the post area. Hover over them to see what they can do, and click them to activate them. Here\'s a list of what you can do with them:

  • Resize the textarea, Add an in-site link (See the guide!), Attach a picture with optional caption and quick image preview (if you do this on a new thread, it will float to the right of the message and display automatically), attach a youtube video by putting in the url of it with an image preview, See help on post syntax, and preview your message without having to go to a new page like other forums. The \"P\" icon is for a scrapped feature and has no use.

On a post, you can....

  • Click \"Edit\" next to any of your replies to edit it if you have the right password.

  • Click \"Edit mode\" to open a menu that lets you edit the original post(assuming you are the one who made it), change the signature, image, and post background, as well as highlight or condense the OP for easier viewing.

  • Click \"Watch post\" to add it to a \"Watchbar\" that displays at the top of the page, under the quicklinks (forum links). The watchbar tracks posts you\'re watching with the thread title and the number of characters of the last post. A white link means you replied to it last; a blue link means someone else did. The character number is there to let you know of the quality of the last post and keep track of it further until I let you mark posts as read.

Post syntax

In addition to The guide, here is some post syntax that I have yet to update the guide with:

  • Surround a youtube link with
    tags to add more than one youtube video to a post.

  • Use for subscript and for superscript.

  • Use for Comic Sans font.
  • Use for spoiler tags.

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