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The Helper:
Admin Rules

Admins have the responsibility of dealing with moderators and the site in general. While they are to be looked at as \"leaders\" of GameTalk X.0, some rules still apply to them specifically. Not following these can have them warned or demoted/removed (by Xhin) if necessary.

Admin rules

1. While it is within your power to fire a moderator, decisions made by a local moderator must *still* be respected, unless they break site rules. Make a Complaint before you take any action.

2. Ignore the above if they are blatantly abusing their position (ex -- deleting lots of posts, documents, issuing bans for no reason, etc in a short period of time). Suspend (and if necessary, ban) them immediately.

3. All moderator rules still apply if you are in the process of moderating. This includes insulting admins not being a greater offense than insulting mods, or normal users for that matter. The exception is anything forum-specific including inactivity. For other mod rules, replace \"Fire-able\" with \"Demote-able\".

4. Bug testers are allowed to exploit the site and abuse their position within reason. Suspend them if you think they have gone corrupt (a good indicator is deleting things outside of the testing forum, or doing multiple harmful things within a really short time period.).

5. You can make recommendations to local mods about anything that isn\'t a site rule (stuff up to their discretion) but it\'s an opinion, you do NOT have the final say in the matter.

Moderator Requests

1. If a moderator requests to be removed from their forum, do so without suspending them. Forum-less local mods can\'t be fired for inactivity so it\'s a graceful way of leaving the site, with the option of coming back later.

2. If they request to be added back to their forum, do so if it\'s in a short period of time after leaving it (a month?) and no new mods have been hired for the forum (unless they\'re co-mods).

3. If they request a co-mod, discuss their recommendation with other admins. If it meets approval, hire them ASAP.

4. Co-mods have a grace period of a month, during which the mod can request that they are removed if things aren\'t working out. Beyond that, the mod has no say.

5. If a moderator requests that a forum contest be added to the site announcements, do so for at least (3) days.

Admin responsibilities

1. Until the tools are fixed for mods, upload post icons and forum images for forums, and tell the mod when you\'re done.

2. Suspend mods (and remove them from their forums) who haven\'t made a post in 30 days and:

a) are local mods

b) have forum(s)

c) haven\'t announced a vacation

When you suspend them, use the email address they\'ve provided to let them know.

3. If a mod is a global mod and are meet other inactivity requirements, remove them from all forums but do not suspend them.

4. Use the \"Site Announcements\" tool to draw attention to posts you\'ve made in site forums EXCEPT for mod complaints, user complaints, or forum requests.

5. Don\'t add a site/mod rule unless it\'s been discussed in both feedback and and the mod forum.

6. Change a user password with that tool if they request it. Make sure they\'re the person requesting it. DO NOT bother me unless the tool is broken.

6. Don\'t touch *this* help file at all :P

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