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Moderator Rules

The following are a list of rules for moderators. Failure to follow them can result in removal of their forum(s) and/or suspension from the mod team. The rules are public so users will have a guide to know when they are being treated unfairly.

General rules

1. Local disputes should be handled publicly. If a dispute is handled \"off the record\" (ie through messenger or email), please post a chat log of the resolution in the complaint post with screen names filtered out.

2. Unlike before, do NOT tag/delete posts that have been resolved on the complaints forum. It\'s more important to keep a record than it is to keep things \"clean\"

3. Breaking a site rule against a moderator (ie, flaming or excessive cursing) is NOT a greater offense than doing so against another user.

4. Failing to follow site rules or local rules (including your own) is a suspendable offense.

5. Take an active role with posts in your forum. Inactivity is a fire-able offense.


1. As outlined in the site rules, many things are up to a local moderator\'s discretion. Local rules that don\'t break site-wide rules should be respected by visiting moderators.

2. Local rules that can result in punishments need to be in a forum document named \"Forum Rules\" or something similar. While the document can be changed, not having a document to address local disputes will INVALIDATE local bans.

3. Complaints in the complaints forum should be addressed by YOU or your co-mod, unless you\'re on a vacation. Other mods can express their opinions, but have no authority on anything unless it breaks site rules.

4. Encourage criticism of yourself and your policies. Banning a user for disagreeing with you (unless they\'re breaking other rules) is an instantly fire-able offense.

Moderator Etiquette

1. If you have a problem with another moderator, report it *PUBLICLY* Here

2. Report vacations from the site so other moderators will know to watch your forum and you won\'t be fired for inactivity. The mod forum is the best place for this.

3. Respect a local moderator\'s decisions. This applies for moderators, global moderators, and even admins. Make a complaint first.

4. If you ban a user in another moderator\'s forum, let them know in the mod forum.

5. For rules that are relatively undefined (ex -- flaming in forums with disclaimers), try to mediate whenever possible and avoid bans except as a last resort.

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