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Site Rules

Global Rules- Unallowed, Site-wide

The following is a short list of things *NOT* allowed at GameTalk X.0. The following can result in "global bans", which are an inability to view the site for a certain period of time.

1. Flooding (making multiple posts in a row with the intent of disrupting the site)

2. Spamming (making posts devoid of content or full of advertisements)
  • 2b. Making posts whose only content is flaming
  • 2c. Making posts whose only content is cybering

    3. Threatening other users or endorsing self-harm (i.e. "kill yourself" and similar replies)
  • 3b. Slurs directed at other users are also not allowed.

    4. Impersonation (pretending to be another user)
  • 4b. Staff impersonation for the purpose of exploiting their position.

    5. Giving out another user's personal information without their permission (this includes full names, pictures, etc)
  • 5b. Users may not publicly post their own phone numbers, street addresses, or other highly sensitive information.
  • 5c. If a user decides that they no longer wish people to use their personal information, they can make a post requesting that people stop

    6. Following a user around the site (or from post to post) with no intent other than to harass them

    7. Posting explicit pictures or videos, including:
  • 7a. Gore
  • 7b. Pornography
  • 7c. Nudity (note that posting something that contains nudity in addition to other content is a lesser offense).

    8. Cursing in post titles/user names
  • 8b. Slurs in post titles/user names

    9. Exploitation (abusing bugs in the site's coding to break other rules)

    10. Giving out external links to ROMs or other pirated material.
  • 10b. Generalized discussion of such material is acceptable so long as no names or links are given.
  • 10c. Embedding youtube videos of copyrighted material is acceptable, as the responsibility for procuring permission then falls on the uploader, and by proxy, youtube.

    NOTE: If a user is locally banned in multiple forums for the same reason, it may be necessary to issue a site-wide ban.


    1. Double-posts are mistakes or site bugs, so extra posts will be removed.

    2. Forums with a specific topic may remove off-topic posts if too many are made or ban those who repeatedly do so.

    3. One-hour bans may be issued for the sake of "damage control" in posts that are rapidly moving towards rule-breaking.

    Get satisfaction!

    1. Global or Site-wide bans may be protested by emailing the head administrator of the site (

    2. Rule-breaking that hasn't been dealt with yet should be reported here.

    3. Local bans/post tagging that you believe are unfair (not necessarily your own) should be reported here

    4. Users that you feel are negatively affecting GTX0, site-wide, should be reported here

    5. Feedback is an excellent forum to discuss site rules and site direction in general.

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