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Site Rules

Global Rules - Unallowed, Site-wide

0. No illegal content or behavior.

1. No flaming, trolling, baiting, using slurs or otherwise employing obvious personal vitriol. This includes insulting, defaming, harassing, encouraging injury towards or otherwise attacking a user.

2. No impersonating, doxxing (including information that is confidential instead of unknown), witch-hunting, raiding, reposting removed content or otherwise indirectly attempting to cause strife by way of conspicuous distribution of information, encouragement or attention.

3. No graphically obscene, disturbing or erotic content. This covers content that is hosted on the site, content that is embedded in the site and content that is linked to. This also includes obscenity in post titles, usernames, avatars and signatures.

4. No spamming, flooding, unapproved advertising, exploiting or otherwise manipulating or using the site for empty or disruptive content. This includes evading or interfering with staff action as well as interfering with reasonable use by the community.

Infraction may result in warning, tag or ban, depending on the severity and context.


1. Double-posts are mistakes or site bugs, so extra posts will be removed.

2. Forums with a specific topic may remove off-topic posts if too many are made or ban those who repeatedly do so.

3. One-hour bans may be issued for the sake of "damage control" in posts that are rapidly moving towards rule-breaking.

Get satisfaction!

1. Global or Site-wide bans may be protested by emailing the head administrator of the site (

2. Rule-breaking that hasn't been dealt with yet should be reported here.

3. Local bans/post tagging that you believe are unfair (not necessarily your own) should be reported here

4. Users that you feel are negatively affecting GTX0, site-wide, should be reported here

5. Feedback is an excellent forum to discuss site rules and site direction in general.

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