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Edit Mode

You can edit your posts in GTX0! You can edit anything... replies, posts, polls, reviews, etc. On the right side of the blue bar with the original poster\'s name is an option called \"Edit Mode\"(Ignore \"Post Option\" as it is broken and leads to a blank page). Clicking \"Edit Mode\" opens up a new tool bar just under the thread title.

Here\\\'s what each of the options listed does:

  • Edit -- Edits the post

  • Signature -- Adds a signature to your post.

    Try typing [scroll] before your signature and [/scroll] after! :P

  • Background -- Changes the background image of the post

  • Image -- Gives the post an image, with an optional small caption underneath it.

    Bear in mind that the image needs to be a direct link, ie it needs to end with \".jpg\", \".gif\", \".png\", etc. Also note that images can only be attached to the original post.

  • Go to Forum -- Brings you back to the forum index.

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