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In-site Links and GT Terms and Acronyms

Here\\\\\\\'s how to use in-site links, which the original GameTalk had at one point:

[GTX0 Lounge] --> [The Pointless Forum]

[Array] --> [Favorite Character]

[] --> [Forum Guidelines]

While replying...

[\\\\r] --> The last reply (only works once)

[\\\\u] --> The name of the last person to reply

GT, like any other long standing comunity, has dveloped a language all it\'s own. For reference, here are some terms and aronyms commonly use in GT.

GT- Gametalk, the full site name

OGT- Original Gamtalk, the popular website this site is based of off and is the official sequel of. The Original Gametalk shut down in 2006 after a span of 9 years.

Mod- Short for \"Moderator\"

Admin- Short for \"Administrator\"

Reg- Short for \"Regular User\"

Quicklinks- The list of forum links below the site header

Doc- Documents, the guides listed between a forum\'s header and posts that typically contain forum rules and other important forum information.

Notif- The notifications, or private messaging, system located in the User CP.

OP- Original Post/Poster, the innitial message in a new thread or the individual who posted said message

FP- Facepalm, a common symbal for exasperation. Also, the in-site code for the facepalm emote.

TP- Team Phoenix, the special club for users who donated to the site, now defunct


Mike- Mike Pooler, retired owner and webmaster of the Original Gametalk

Masse- Retired legendary moderator, current staff advisor

Denida/Denny- Retired legendary moderator, current staff advisor

Xhin- GTx0\'s webmaster and senior admin

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